The Pros And Cons Of Blogging (2021)

Blogging is getting famous day by day. Almost 70 million new blog posts are published every month on WordPress. There are many reasons why blogs are getting popular, and the number one reason is that blogging is considered the best way to generate passive income.

Blogging is fun and exciting, but it has its pros and cons. Before starting a blog, many people choose not to learn the disadvantages of blogging and end up having a fail blog.

Starting a blog requires lots of patience and understanding of the basics. Although anyone can start a blog for free using WordPress or Blogger, it is highly recommended to learn the pros and cons.

I made this mistake. I did not know much about blogging before starting a blog and ended up facing the consequences.

If you are new to the blogging industry, then welcome, and you can start knowing the basics about it by reading this post, What Is A Blog? And How Does Blogging Works? (Simple Guide).

Let’s hop into the post.

Pros And Cons of Blogging

Here are the lists of pros and cons of blogging.


  1. When blogging, you get to say what’s on your mind, and your audience supports you

2. Blogging is a great way to pass some time while generating income

3. The more articles you publish, the better you get at writing

4. Blogging can help you become creative and confident

5. Every time you research a topic, you get to learn new things

6. It can improve your writing skills in such a way that you can even write speeches, e-book, books, and more

7. For non-native English speakers, it can be a great way to improve English

8. Blogging can be a great hobby

9. Blogging can help a person become organized over time

10. You can become a part of blogging communities and get to know like-minded people

11. You can create a product and sell it on your online shop

12. All the hard work to create a blog pays off one day


  1. Blogging is like a full-time job

2. It requires too much writing, reading, and researching

3. To keep the blog active, you will need to post every other day

4. Blogging can be a competition

5. Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be hard

6. Constantly update of old blog posts is a requirement; otherwise, your blog ranking drops

7. Not blogging the right way can result in a fail blog

8. You can’t make money with blogging right away

9. 1000+ views daily are mandatory to get accepted for most advertising or affiliate companies

10. Quality of content is not the only thing to get rank on top other steps of SEO is a must too

11. You will get rejected lots of time when pitching a guest post

12. It can take a year or so to get unique viewers every day

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Worth Blogging In 2021?

Despite all the talk that blogging is getting popular and the competition is increasing, you should start a blog in 2021. One of the great reasons to start a blog is that it is a low-cost investment and easy to start by staying at home.

Although the process is slow, blogging can help you pay off debts because it can generate thousands of dollars every month. So, I will say it is worth it, and the sooner you start, the better.

Why Is Blogging So Popular?

Honestly, there are many reasons why blogging is so popular, and I will list a few of them down.

  • The blog is easy to start and doesn’t require too much investment
  • It can generate 6 figure income
  • To start a blog, you need to be knowledgeable about the topic
  • An intermediate level of English is enough to create a blog
  • To sell their product or service (business blog)

Can I Blog About My Life?

Defenitly yes, you can blog about your life. A blog where the author writes about life is called personal blog. A personal blog is one of the four most common types of blog. A personal blog is usually created as a hobby by the author.

There are many sucssesful personal blogs such as Tech Savvy Mama, Love That Max, and others.

I hope this post helps you learn some things about blogging.

The Pros And Cons Of Blogging (2021)

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