Hello there and welcome! Interested to know who I am? That’s sweet. Anyway, I’m Shama. I am 23 years old, yup, still young. I started my first blog back in 2019 when I had no idea what a blog is.
My old blog name was blogitup.business.blog actually, my blog is still the same; you can say I re-branded it.

How I Started My Blog?

I lived in the United Arab Emirates for almost three years. I use to study over there, but after studying for one year, I had to leave the university for some reason.
I have to add that the U.A.E is an expensive country, and sometimes the cost can be too much. When I was living there, I did few jobs as a promoter, which made me realize that I am not a people person and can’t do jobs.
After living there for some time, I moved back to my home country, and when I came back, I figured out there is nothing much to do over here.
So, I found blogging and loved it.
Did I mention my love for writing? My passion for writing comes from Wattpad. Yes, I wrote a story, not like those cheezy ones. My story was more like the mysterious type.
I never completed it, just two chapters, but it gave me the confidence to share my writing with others.
So, when I get to know about blogging, I didn’t think much if someone will read my blog or not. I just knew I could do it, and Alhamdulillah, I did, and I am proud of it.
Today I write blog posts about Blogging and Pinterest. My blog is for people who want to learn about blogging and Pinterest in the easiest way possible.
This is my story, and I am sorry if it’s not the best. I am terrible at expressing myself.

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