11 Best Ad Networks For Bloggers

11 Best Ad Networks For Bloggers In 2023

Displaying ads is one of the favorite ways for bloggers to earn money from their blogs. Why is that? There are many answers to this question, but two are the most famous:

  1. Advertisements allow you to make money while you sleep
  2. The ad network does the majority of technical work

And If you have been searching on the internet about “How To Make Money Blogging” for some time now, you’ve probably heard of Google AdSense. It’s one of the most highly recommended ad networks out there. But did you know there are dozens of other advertising networks out there?

These ad networks can be valuable additions to your blogging income, and you might not even realize they exist. And the best part is some of these advertising networks work with Google AdSense.

Here are the 11 top ad networks for bloggers to consider when monetizing blogs.

11 Best Ad Networks For Bloggers In 2022



Media.net is one of the world’s largest advertising companies founded back in 2010. The network is licensed by some of the largest publishers, ad networks, and other ad tech companies. It offers a wide range of ad technologies across various areas, including native, display, mobile, local, video, and products.

More than 500,000 websites use this ad network to display high-quality advertising.

Requirements of joining Media.net:

  • Original high-quality content in English
  • Receives most of the traffic from UK/USA/Canda
  • A reasonable number of users are already visiting the website
  • Keep advertisements to a minimum

How much can you make with Media.net?

Most bloggers earn around 5$ per 1000 impressions.

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Founded in 2012, Monumetric (formerly known as The Blogger Network) is a full-service ad management company created by publishers. Since this advertising network was created by publishers for publishers, it fully understands the needs of its users and works with them as a revenue partner.

Since it rebranded, over 2000 publishers have partnered with this advertising network, ranging from 10k to 110M monthly page views.

Monumetric has four different unique programs based on site traffic volume:

  • Propel: For bloggers/websites owners with 10k-80k monthly views
  • Ascend: For publishers with 80k-500k monthly traffic
  • Stratos: Websites that get 500k-10MM views
  • Apollo: Publishers that gets 10MM+ views

Requirements of joining Monumetric:

  • Minimum 10K-80k monthly page views
  • 50% traffic from USA/UK/Canada
  • Must be a WordPress or Blogger site
  • The sidebar must be 300PX wide
  • 99$ one time implementation fees
  • Major ad providers must approve the site
  • Six ad slots on both mobile and desktop

How much can you make with Monumetric?

It depends on traffic location, but we can expect to earn 100-150$ per month with 10,000 page views.

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When we are discussing ad networks for bloggers, we can not simply ignore Mediavine. Mediavine is one of the famous and high-paying ad management companies on the internet. The company was founded on 1st January 2004, and since then, it has grown and increased its user experience.

Mediavine is an excellent resource for any blogger out there. Whether you run a travel blog, food blog, DIY blog, lifestyle blog, or even just a finance blog, there’s something for everyone.

Requirements of becoming a part of Mediavine:

  • 50,000 sessions in the last 30 days (per Google Analytics)
  • Good standing with Google products
  • Original long-form and engaging content
  • Site design is adjusted to accommodate Mediavine’s four standard ad placements

How much does Mediavine pay per 1000 impressions?

In the industry, Mediavine has the highest rates. For every 1000 pageviews, Mediavine pays about 10-15$.

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Outbrain is a powerful advertising network founded in 2006 by Yoran Galai and Ori Lahav. The unique recommendation technology Outbrain uses maximizes monetization and engagement across a spectrum of environments.

Also, Outbrain has 55+ countries in the network.

If you’re thinking about monetizing your site with an ad network like Outbrain, here are some additional things to keep in mind:

  • Outbrain only works with publishers with quality sites
  • Outbrain is open to all niches

How much can you make by monetizing your site with Outbrain?

The earnings are paid every month, and according to some bloggers, Outbrain pays around 0.3-1.12 USD per thousand page views.

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Ezoic was launched in 2010 by the former CEO of the first Facebook advertising network Dwayne Lafluer. The founder of Ezoic realized that user experience and ad revenue were directly linked. If publishers could offer visitors better experiences, they would have more opportunities to make more money.

This idea was the foundation on which Ezoic was built and grew into a publishing platform for publishers. The company is backed by Balderton Capital, one of the largest investors in the EU.

Ezoic is a Google Certified Publisher Partner, and it also received Google’s Business Innovation award in 2016 for its impact on publisher revenue.

Requirements of joining Ezoic:

  • It is a good option for small publishers with a minimum of 10,000 page views per month
  • The website must be in good standing with Google products (if already a part of Google AdSense)
  • Content should be original and unique
  • The site traffic must be identifiable

What are earning rates on Ezoic?

Typically, you can expect to earn above 5$ a day with 10,000 monthly visits.

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Pop Ads:

Pop Ads

Founded in 2010, Pop Ads is one of the best online advertising networks that specialize in popunders. Pop Ads aims to help publishers by allowing them to monetize website traffic with high-quality ads.

This ad network uses a biding system. In the beginning, the most expensive popunder is served. As soon as it is opened and a visitor gets another popunder, the rate will be lower than the first. The average rate will go down, but the revenue increases as more popunders are served.

Pop Ads claims that it is the highest paying popunders ad network on the web with the fastest, efficient and secure services, and unlike other ad networks in the market, Pop Ads process daily payment requests for its publishers.

Requirements to join Pop Ads:

  • It is the best ad network for small publishers with no minimum traffic requirements
  • All the websites that do not break USA and Costa Rican laws are accepted

What rates are offered by Pop Ads?

Rates depend on the location of traffic, websites quality, and niche.

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Hilltop Ads:

Hilltop Ads

Hilltop Ads is a London Liverpool based advertising network that started back in 2013. This company focuses on providing the best formats that align with current industry and technology trends.

Hilltop Ads currently offers six ad formats to its publisher push notifications, video ads, native ads, direct links, pops, and display banners. There are many benefits of joining this ad network, such as clean ads only, being open to all niches, monetizing up to 30% effectively, and processing payments weekly with wire, web money, and more.

Requirements of Joining Hilltop Ads:

  • No inappropriate material on the website
  • Agreement to terms and condition

How much can you earn with Hilltop Ads?

It depends, but the minimum payout is 50 USD.

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Adversal is a native advertising platform for publishers launched back in 2003. The ad network assists publishers in building a competitive revenue stream from a variety of ad units such as native, video, and displays.

No contract is required to join Adversal, and the payments are made every month.

What are the requirements to join Adversal?

  • No adult content on the site
  • The site has its own domain
  • Only sites with 50,000 views or above can apply
  • The site should not be associated with malware, pricey, or anything illegal
  • Should agree to the terms and conditions of signing up

How much earning do Adversal offers?

It depends on the rate set up advertisers.

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RevenueHits is a self-service advertising network platform for content creators. This ad network allows publishers to earn maximum profit with minimum effort by displaying relevant ads to their visitors from site ad space.

RevenueHits currently works with over 20,000 publishers from around the world. This company has nine ad formats display banners, popunder, in-page push, button, footer, floating banner, shadow box, slider, and dialog.

RevenueHits is partnered with Propeller Ads, Lead Wave, and more.

Requirements for joining RevenueHits:

It is open to all publishers, small or big, with no minimum traffic requirement

How much can you earn with RevenueHits?

Since it is a CPA (cost per action) ad network, it depends on the action taken by your audience.

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Adsterra is a well-known ad tech platform founded in 2013 by professional affiliate marketers and web admins. This ad network is considered the best one in the industry that offers 100% fill rates and fast approval.

With Adsterra, any type of traffic can be monetized, desktop, mobile, app, social and more. This company offers six types of ad units popunder, social bar, push ads, native ads, video ads, and banners.

Adsterra is a CPA network that works with over 12,000 advertisers.

Requirements of Joining Adsterra:

  • A good amount of traffic on the site
  • High-quality content
  • Engaged audience

How much can be earned with Adsterra?

It depends on how much your audience interacts with the ads.

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Amazon Native Ads:

Amazon native ads

If you love to shop online, you probably bought some stuff from Amazon but did you know Amazon is more than an e-Commerce website? It offers several opportunities to earn from home, and one of them is native ads.

Amazon Native Ads are a great start for beginner bloggers because there is no minimum traffic requirement. These ads provide product recommendations to your audience on your site and can be placed at the end or in the middle of the content for a more efficient and effective guest experience and shopping opportunity.

Amazon Native ads are of three types: recommendation ads, search ads, and custom ads.

Requirements to join Amazon Native Ads:

  • You need to register as an Amazon affiliate
  • The website should belong to you
  • The content must not be older than 60 days
  • A website or blog you provide must have original content
  • A minimum of ten posts is required
  • Posts should be public rather than private

How much can be earned with Amazon native ads?

You earn money based on the sale you make.

Join Amazon Native Ads Today


We reached the end of the post. In this article, I shared the 11 best ad networks for bloggers with their joining requirements. You can choose one or two of the highest-paying ad network and start generating income from your website.

Before applying to any of the following advertising networks, make sure you read the guidelines and study if the ad network fits your needs. Anyway, I hope you found this article informative and helpful if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do ad networks works for publishers?

Ad networks are middlemen between publishers and advertisers. They supply ads to bloggers, who place them on their sites. If you haven’t worked with ad networks before, you should first familiarize yourself with how they work.

Here are some tips:

  1. Ad networks are free to join because they take a cut of all transactions that take place on their site.
  2. Most ad networks specialize in either video or display ads.
  3. Display ads can be text-based, image-based, or video-based; each type is sold differently.

Q: How do you know if an ad network is good for your blog?

That really depends on what you’re looking for. If you want to generate passive income through ads, your focus should be on revenue-per-thousand impressions (RPM). But if you’re looking to generate more active ad clicks, then cost per click (CPC) might be more important to you. It also depends on how much traffic you get every month, which ad networks are available in your country, and what payment processors they support.

Q: Can I use multiple ad networks on my blog?

You can absolutely use multiple ad networks. Some bloggers have more than two of them on their blogs. However, there are a few things you should be aware of:

  1. Not all ad networks run smoothly together.
  2. Sometimes publishers have problems with them either conflicting or not showing up at all on their site.

Q: Is Media.net better than Google AdSense?

Google AdSense has been called one of the best ad networks for bloggers, but is it really? Many bloggers aren’t doing well with Google AdSense at all. Their eCPMs (effective cost per thousand impressions) are extremely low. But the reason for their poor performance may be because their site isn’t optimized for ads.

Q: Which country CPC highest?

The highest CPC is for the USA, UK, CA.

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