How Much Does It Cost To Start A Blog?

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Blog?

Before entering the blogging world, many new bloggers often wonder: How much does it cost to start a blog? 

The answer is not as straightforward as one might hope, and it varies based on numerous factors. Such as the platform, the level of customization, and the goals you aim to achieve with your blog.

This comprehensive blog post will explain the financial aspects of launching a blog. I’ll break down the potential expenses, from the essentials like hosting and domain names to optional investments such as premium themes, plugins, and marketing strategies.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Blog?

All in all, if you’re starting with a modest budget, you can get your blog up and running for as little as $50 to $100 for the first year (using a cheap domain, shared hosting, and a free theme).

If you opt for more premium options or hire professionals for design and content creation, you could be looking at costs from $300 to $1000+ for your first year.

Here is how much a basic blog setup will cost:

FeaturesMonthly Cost
Domain $10-$20
Web Hosting$2.95-$10
Blogging Platform$0-$25
Logo and Branding$0-$12.95
Business Email Address$0-$1.96
SEO Services (optional)$500-$1500+
Email Marketing Tool$0-$29

Can You Start A Blog For Free?

Yes, you can start a blog for free using various blogging platforms available on the internet.

Services like WordPress, Blogger, and Medium allow users to create and launch their blogs at no cost, providing a range of templates and customization options to cater to different tastes and blog purposes. 

These user-friendly platforms make it easy for individuals without web design or coding experience to set up blogs. 

However, while starting a free blog might seem like an attractive and cost-effective option for beginners, it comes with several limitations that could interfere with your blog’s growth and success in the long run. 

Free blogs often include the platform’s branding and could display unwanted advertisements, potentially detracting from your content and making your site look less credible. 

Additionally, you have less control over your blog’s future with a free service; the platform could change its policies, introduce fees, or even shut down, risking the loss of content and audience.

Break Down Of The Potential Blog Cost

1. Domain:

The cost of a domain name for starting a blog can vary widely based on several factors, including the domain extension (like .com, .net, .blog, etc.) and the registrar you choose. On average, you might expect to pay:

Standard .com domains: These are often the most sought-after domain names and can range from $10 to $20 per year for new registrations. 

Specialty domain extensions: Extensions like .blog, .io, .net, or country-specific ones like .uk or .us might have different pricing. Prices can range from as low as $5 to $50 per year for new registrations, depending on the extension and the registrar.

Many registrars offer promotional pricing for the first year of registration, which can be significantly lower than the standard renewal price. 

You can try Namecheap or to register.

It’s also worth noting that many hosting companies offer domain registration as part of their hosting packages, sometimes even for free for the first year, which can be a cost-effective way to start a blog.

2. Web Hosting:

The price of web hosting depends on the hosting provider, type of hosting plan (shared, VPS, dedicated), and additional services you opt for (such as domain registration, SSL certificates, or premium support). 

Typically, shared hosting plans are most suitable for beginners due to their affordability and ease of use. The price for a decent shared hosting plan can start from as low as $2.75 to $10 per month for introductory offers. 

You can check out DreamHost, which provides a budget-friendly Shared Starter plan for bloggers, starting at only $2.95 per month. This package includes unlimited traffic, a free domain, WordPress installer, WP website builder, free SSD storage, and an SSL certificate.

Additionally, any premium themes or plugins, custom designs, or professional services for setting up or managing your blog can add to the cost.

It’s advisable to start with a basic, cost-effective plan. Most blogs don’t require extensive resources at the beginning, and it’s possible to upgrade your hosting plan as your blog grows. 

On average, expect to spend around $5 to $15 per month for a basic blogging setup in the first year.

3. WordPress:

The WordPress software is free to use because it is an open-source project.

However, investing in premium plugins can cost a few hundred dollars, but it can result in a more professional and feature-rich site.

4. Premium Theme:

The cost of a premium theme for a blog widely depends on the platform you choose and the complexity of the design and features you seek.

On popular content management systems like WordPress, premium themes can range from as low as $60 to upwards of $200 or more for highly advanced themes with extensive customization options, dedicated support, and regular updates. 

Factors influencing the price include the theme’s developer reputation, customer support, responsiveness across devices, built-in plugins, and customization ease. 

Some themes might also offer lifetime updates and multi-site licenses, which could add to their value and cost. 

While this step is optional, investing in a premium theme can impact your blog’s appearance, functionality, and user experience, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone serious about professional blogging.

Check out Blossom themes if you want a professional but cost-effective theme.

5. Logo and Branding:

The price of designing a logo for a blog using Canva is very low compared to hiring a professional. 

Canva offers a free plan with a generous amount of templates and design elements, which might be sufficient for bloggers looking to create a basic logo and branding materials on a budget. 

For those seeking more advanced features, Canva Pro is a subscription service that costs around $119.99 per year or $12.99 monthly if billed monthly.

This subscription provides access to a vast library of premium stock photos, icons, and templates, along with advanced design and collaboration tools that can elevate the professionalism of your blog’s branding. 

Therefore, the overall cost of creating your logo and branding on Canva could range from completely free to $119.99 yearly.

6. Business Email Address:

Pricing of the business email address for a blog depends on the service provider and the specific features you need. 

Generally, prices can start from as little as free for basic options, such as those bundled with web hosting services, and can go up to $1 to $12 per user per month for standalone email services with more advanced features from providers like Google Workspace or Microsoft 365. 

These services offer not just email but also a suite of productivity and collaboration tools, greater storage, and enhanced security features. 

Prices can also be influenced by the number of email accounts you need, the storage capacity per account, and additional features like archival services or enhanced security options.

Some providers offer discounts for annual billing instead of monthly billing or purchasing more user accounts.

7. SEO And Marketing Services:

Prices of SEO and marketing services for a blog rely on a number of factors, such as the depth of the services required, the reputation and experience of the agency or professionals you choose to hire, and the competitive landscape of your industry. 

Small to medium-sized businesses might expect to invest anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars monthly for comprehensive SEO services, which can include keyword research, on-page optimization, content creation, link building, and analytics. 

Initial setup fees for a blog can range from $500 to $5,000 or more.

However, for those on a tighter budget, it’s possible to find more basic SEO packages or individual freelancers who may offer services at lower rates, starting from a few hundred dollars per month. 

Keep in mind that achieving noticeable results in SEO takes time and consistent effort, so it’s important to view these costs as a long-term investment in your online presence.

8. Email Marketing Tool:

The cost of an email marketing tool for a blog can be hard to estimate as it depends on the subscriber list size, the frequency of emails, and the range of features required. 

Many email marketing services offer free plans with basic features for small blogs or beginners, typically limited by the number of subscribers or emails sent monthly. 

As needs increase, pricing shifts to tiered monthly subscriptions that range from $10 to over $300 per month. The costs increase as more advanced automation features, higher subscriber limits, and enhanced analytics are included. 

Optional Services Costs

Content Creators:

When it comes to hiring content writers for your blog, the cost can vary based on several factors. This includes the experience level of the writer, the length and complexity of the content, and the time frame in which you need the content delivered.”

Freelance writers may charge anywhere from $0.10 to $1 per word, translating to $50 to $500 for a 500-word blog post as a rough guide. 

More experienced writers or those with specialized expertise can charge significantly higher rates, even upwards of $1 per word, for highly specialized or technical content. 

Alternatively, some content creators may offer their services at a flat rate per piece or on a monthly retainer basis if they are engaged for regular contributions, which could range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars a month.

You can try Blogituplife Blog Writing Service. The charge for a single blog post is only $20. Your post will be high-optimized, well-written, and free of errors. Click here to get more details.

Blogging Course:

There is a wide range of prices when it comes to blogging courses. Some platforms like Udemy or Coursera offer free or low-cost introductory courses, while individual blogs may have courses available for under $100. 

Mid-range courses can cost between $100 to $500 and offer more comprehensive training and resources.

There are also premium courses or coaching programs that can cost $1,000 or more, targeted towards serious bloggers who wish to make a significant income from their blogging efforts. 

Additionally, many courses offer payment plans to help manage the cost. 

Social Media Scheduler:

Social media scheduler is an optional but needed service for bloggers. Its prices range from free basic plans, which may offer limited functionalities and a restricted number of posts or social profiles, to premium services that cost over $100 per month for more comprehensive features. 

Some popular social media schedulers offer mid-range plans for small to medium-sized businesses or bloggers, typically costing between $15 and $50 per month. 


Overall, launching a blog is cost-effective and rewarding, depending on the platform you choose, the degree of customization you want, the domain name cost, and the space charges. The expenses may be minimal for those opting for free blogging platforms and basic designs. 

However, for those aiming for a more professional presence, investing in a paid domain, hosting services, and perhaps a premium theme or custom design can lead to expenses ranging from $200 to $1000.

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