best affiliate programs for bloggers

Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers

Note: This post contains affiliate links. When you purchase using these links, I will earn a little commission at no extra cost.

Do you want to make money online without investing any of your own money? What if I told you that you could do that with affiliate marketing, and it’s not even hard as it may sound.

In fact, affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online. According to Payscale, an average affiliate marketer’s annual income is 52,130$ per year. Sound’s great, right?

And there are plenty of affiliate programs that will love you to join them right away. So, let’s hop into the post so you can know the best affiliate marketing programs for bloggers to earn some extra cash in your pocket!

Let’s start with the definition of affiliate marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a process where you promote someone else’s product in exchange for a commission on the sale. When someone buys the promoted product, you earn a commission from the sale.

Affiliate marketing can be done through your website or blog, or it can also be done through social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.

How exactly Does Affiliate Marketing Works?

Affiliate marketing works by having a link to the product that you are promoting. When someone clicks on that link and buys the product, you earn a commission from the sale.

Making money through affiliate marketing is a great way to earn extra income since you aren’t creating your products- you are simply promoting other people’s products.

Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers

eBay Partner Network:

eBay partner network

You have likely heard a lot about eBay from your friends and family that it is a shopping site and that you can sell things online on eBay. Are you aware of the eBay Partner Network? If yes, that’s great, but if no, let me explain.

eBay Partner Network is eBay’s affiliate marketing program for bloggers. The rules are simple you will get paid every time someone buys a product using your affiliate link.

eBay Partner Network Requirements:

  • There will be a form to fill out
  • Some personal information is required, such as taxes, etc
  • It will be necessary for you to explain your promotional method
  • EPN’s terms and conditions must be read and followed
  • Ensure your information is accurate

How To Join?

  • In order to join EPN, you need an eBay account (if you don’t have one, you can sign up for one)
  • Just fill in the application, and you are good to go

How to set up eBay Partner Network on WordPress?

You can try this plugin, “eBay Affiliate System For WordPress,” or add links manually.



ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network that has been around for 20 years. This company provides for both affiliates and merchants and is free to join. It has more than 3,900+ merchants to choose from.

As an affiliate marketer, you can select the product you want to promote and make a commission every time a product is sold through your link.

  • Text links
  • Banners
  • Video
  • Widget

Why Choose ShareASale?

It is one of the most popular and trusted affiliate marketing networks out there, so you do not need to worry about fraud.
It is free to join
You will have 3,900+ merchants to choose from
No software policy
You will get responsive support if you have any issue
You will get paid on time

What is the process to join ShareASale?

  • Step One: You will need to create a username and password and also select the country you live in
  • Step Two: You will need to give information about your websites, such as the website link, your website language, and some questions about your promotional strategy.
  • Step Three: You will need to provide an email address
  • Step Four: On this step, you will need to fill out your contact information which includes name, address, city, state, postal code, phone number, and also a short description of your site or marketing plans
  • Step Five: Payment information

For step four of the description, make sure you provide an informative short paragraph. The word count is 240. Make sure it is well-written because it will help merchants decide on the application.



PeerFly is CPA (cost per action) affiliate network launched in 2009. This company currently has more than 2000 live offers. The best part about working with PeerFly is that it is open to all publishers no matter where they are from and without any required experience in affiliate marketing.

Why choose PeerFly?

  • Open to all publishers around the world
  • More than 2000 live offers
  • Top payout
  • Free training and tools to get started
  • Contests
  • Fast payment options

What are the requirements and how to get started with PeerFly?

  • First Step: You will need to provide basic information on this step, such as name, country, address, city, zip code, company name, email address, birth date, gender, and you will need to create a password
  • Second Step: For this step, you will need to provide your website URL link and will have to choose five marketing channels that you plan on using
  • Third Step: You will have to answer a few questions and give details of your marketing strategy
  • Fourth Step: You will have to give some tax information (This one is for the USA only)
  • Fifth Step: This step includes verification of your ID, email address, and phone number

The process is the same as adding any affiliate links to your website or blog.

Amazon Associate:

Amazon associate

Did you know that Amazon has an affiliate program to help content creators and publishers earn a little cash while recommending their favorite products? Yes, It is not just a place to spend it is also a place to earn.

Amazon affiliate marketing is the best one for beginner bloggers because there are no minimum traffic requirements. As an associate, you will need to place links of related products inside your blog posts, and when someone purchases using those links, you will earn a commission.

There are three types of Native Shopping Ads:

  • Recommendation Ads: It places relevant products from Amazon on your webpage based on your page content and visiting users
  • Search Ads: These ads can be recommended based on selected keywords by you or your visitors
  • Custom Ads: This allows you to promote any item you want from Amazon

What are the requirements to join Amazon Associate?

  • You need to sign up with an Amazon associate
  • You should be the owner of the website
  • Your content must be recent, not more than 60 days
  • Any website or blog you provide must have unique content
  • You should have at least ten posts
  • Your post should be public, not closed groups or behind a paywall

How to join Amazon Associate?

  • You need to sign up with an Amazon associate account
  • You will need to fill out the form 

That’s all; you do not need to wait for a third party’s approval. Just one approval is all you need to start earning. You will need to make at least three sales in 180 days, and if you don’t, your account will get canceled, but you can always re-apply.

Walmart Affiliate Program:

Walmart affiliate links

Yes, I know you are familiar with Walmart, but did you know Walmart has an affiliate program? How does it work? Walmart’s affiliate program allows affiliates to earn commission by placing ads on their blog/website to refer customers.

Why choose the Walmart affiliate program?

  • Free membership
  • You will get support from the Walmart affiliate team members
  • Weekly newsletter, links, and information about other products to promote on your site
  • Contests to earn more commission
  • Around 1-4% commission can be earned

What is the process and the requirement to the join Walmart Affiliate Program?

  • Step One: In this step, you will have to type in your name and email address; also, you will be creating a username and password
  • Step Two: For this step, you have to give your company information such as account display name, website, country, address, zip code, phone number, and your bank’s location
  • Step Three: You will need to choose a promotional method and target countries
  • Step Four: For this step, provide media property information, for example, what do you run a website or an app, and its name, URL, and description
  • Final Step: You will need to carefully read the terms and accept them in order to continue



FlexOffers is the easiest affiliate marketing program for bloggers to join. I was able to get accepted for it when my blog didn’t have many views or an engaged audience.

It is an award-winning partner network providing solutions to both advertisers and publishers. As a publisher, you will earn a commission by promoting products and services through the affiliate program.

There are plenty of options to choose from because this affiliate network works with over 12k advertisers. And the company offers fast payment services.

What is the requirement to join FlexOffer?

  • You will need to give basic account information
  • After filling the application wait for approval, you will mostly receive a reply within one business day

How much commission do you make with FlexOffer?

It depends on the cost of the product you promote.



DreamHost is one of the web hosting companies available. This company provides fast and secure web hosting services at the lowest price possible. DreamHost’s entry-level package starts from 4.95$ per month is less than 5$, which means you can start a blog cheaply and make thousand dollars out of it.

The best part is this company offers an affiliate program for bloggers, and you can become a brand ambassador in just a few clicks.

Why join the DreamHost affiliate program?

  • Get paid quickly
  • Advanced tracking URL
  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Beautiful banners to make your site look good

How to join the DreamHost affiliate program?

  • Fill out an online signup form
  • Promote the link and pay for every sale you make

How much you can earn with the DreamHost affilaite program?

Here is an official chart shared by the company:

dreamhost paying chart

Finding an affiliate program that fits your blogging niche is the first step towards earning money and growing your blog. A good affiliate sign-up bonus, an easy place to post links, easy-to-track conversions, and prompt payments are all critical elements that you should look for when choosing a program.

The companies included in this article have the potential to generate a lot of profits for your blog as long as you have an engaged audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do Bloggers Use Affiliate Programs?

A blog doesn’t make money out of thin air, right? Of course not. Bloggers make their income through advertising and affiliates. Affiliates are websites that offer commissions to bloggers who drive profit for them.  

Q: Which Affiliate Programs Are The Best For Beginners?

Following are the best affiliate programs for beginners:

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