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How To Find Your Blog Niche: The Ultimate Guide

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One of the most important aspects of starting a blog is choosing a niche, and you need to pick it wisely. Finding your niche can be problematic in the beginning stages of your blogging career because there are many different niches to choose from, and you could find yourself lost in the sea of content.

But the best blogs are the ones that are laser-focused on a particular topic, and these types of blogs can be found on the top page of Google and generate a lot of revenue.

This article will show you four ways to find your ideal blog niche and show you how easy the process can be. Also, I will be using Google products such as Google Trends and Adword key planner to help you find your blog niche without spending any dime.

Blog Niche Definition

In blogging, a niche can be a topic or subject you desire to write about and build a website around. It can also be defined as a combination of keywords that describe the topic or subject of the blog for SEO purposes.

Easy Steps To Find Out Your Blog Niche

Pick A Niche That Interests You:

Blogging is a fun activity that anyone can do. One of the key benefits of blogging is the ability to write about anything you are genuinely passionate or knowledgeable about.

Yes, anything you like: cleaning, cooking, marketing, etc

And there are plenty of reasons why blogging under a specific topic you love is an effective strategy. For example, choosing a niche you enjoy makes it easier to come up with blog post ideas, keep your content focused, and engage with your readers on a deeper level.

Also, You are more likely to enjoy the process of maintaining the blog.

But on the other hand, if you write content for a niche you don’t care about, it will become challenging to get good results. You will be working hard on your blog and won’t see results, and you will be constantly frustrated with the process.

Research Your Topic:

Since now you have a topic that interests you, it is time to figure out if the blog topic is worth writing about, and the best way to determine if there’s a demand for your niche is to do market research.

Market research will help you discover how many people are searching for information on your topic, and it’ll also tell you about your potential competitors.

I will share a step-by-step guide on how to do this process.

To choose a trendy topic, you will go to Google Trends, enter your topic in the search term, and see the interest over time graph.

This is how the chart will look:

(I picked skincare as an example)

skincare niche interest over time graph on google trends

Look at the graph and observe it. If the niche has been a great interest for people for years, then it is a great topic, and you should consider it but if somehow the graph has been fluctuating, and the niche is going out of demand, then look for another one.

Because there is no point in creating content about a topic no one searches for anymore.

(For better results, set location to worldwide and time for past five years).

Choose A Less Competition Niche:

Let’s jump into the next step. To ensure that your chosen niche is low in competition and receives a significant number of searches per month, we will be doing a little more research using a free tool.

Here is an example to help you comprehend better:

Using my example topic, “skincare,” I will go to the Google keyword planner and type the niche name in the search box to check the competition and the search volume.

skincare keyword market research on Google keyword planner

Because skincare is a broad topic, the competition level is relatively high. To avoid competition with high authority websites, I will narrow my focus to one aspect of the niche.

Where to look for related keywords to narrow down the topic?

There are two ways to do this:

The first one is to scroll down in Google keyword planner look for more keywords ideas.

skincare niche related keywords on Google keyword planner

On the image, you can see a few keywords I can target, such as advanced skincare or lush skincare.

The second one is to go to Google type in the name of your niche, and inside the search field, you will see many keyword suggestions.

skincare keyword market research on Google

Another place to look for more keywords is the related searches section.

skincare keyword market research on Google related searches

As you can see, there are several choices. You can note a few of these down and use the Adword key planner to research their monthly search volume as well as competition level.

As for my example, I will be using “skincare tips.”

skincare tips keyword market research on Google keyword planner

As you see, the result of my example topic is quite positive. The niche is now low in competition, and the average monthly searches are around 1k-10k, which means I won’t have to deal with huge websites, and Google will be able to find my blog posts easily.

Following this method, you will be able to turn any broad niche into a smaller one.

Make Sure It Is A Money Making Niche:

If you’re thinking about creating a blog that will serve as your primary income generator, you want to make sure that the niche you are targeting is profitable. How can one figure out if the niche is profit-making and not just a waste of time?

Well, here is how you will find out:

Using my example topic (skincare), I will go to google and type in “skincare products affiliate programs” to see how many opportunities I can find to make money with this niche.

(Because affiliate programs are the best way to generate passive income from the blog, you should prioritize it).

skincare affiliate programs lists on Google

As a result, you see a list of skincare brand’s affiliate programs, proving that this is a profitable niche.

It is also recommended to search Amazon for additional money-making options. Amazon is one of the biggest shopping sites with millions of products in every category. Join Amazon Associate Program and talk about niche-related products on your blog for 1-10% commissions.

skincare products on Amazon for affiliate

Also, don’t forget to check out how other blogs in your niche are earning.

Make The Final Desicion:

For the last step, I will say once you find the perfect blog niche using the above method. Just set up your blog on WordPress with (affiliate) Dreamhost and start writing amazing content.

There’s no need to think twice about it because it will be worth it in the end.

Anyhow, if you need more information about blogging, check out this post What Is A Blog? And How Does Blogging Works? (Simple Guide) it contains some basic info for beginning bloggers.

I hope you find this article helps you find your perfect blog niche. Please comment down below and share with others!

Frequently Asked Question

Q: What are the best niche for blogging 2021?

Here is the list of the most profitable blog niches:

  1. Food Blog
  2. Travel Blog
  3. Finance Blog
  4. Lifestyle Blog
  5. Marketing Blog
  6. Mom/Motherhood Blog
  7. Health And Fitness Blog
  8. DIY/Craft Blog
  9. Entrepreneur Blog

If you are looking for a detailed post, you can check out 9 Types Of Blogs That Make Money (With Examples).

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