Eleven Blogging Communities To Get Your Blog Discovered

11 Blogging Communities To Get Your Blog Discovered

Blogging is easy; writing high-quality content is fine but bringing organic traffic to your site is the hardest part. Many individuals quit blogging because of not receiving enough traffic.

After hitting the publish button, most of them think their blog will somehow become a hit and start receiving views. But in reality, that is not the case; to get unique visitors to your blog, you need to promote it on the web.

And that’s when blogging communities come to the rescue. There are many free blogging communities out there that are solely created for blog promotion. I’m going to share them in detail with you (some are paid, and some are free) so, stick around till the end.

Eleven Types Of Blogging Communities

Blog Engage:


Blog Engage is one of the most popular blogging communities to get your blog promoted. On the platform, members can submit their latest articles for exposure, traffic, and backlinks.

When an article is submitted on the site, it is sent to the upcoming page, then voted by other members. After the submission, if the article gets enough votes, it is then published and moved to the homepage.

This community can get you thousands of views in a short time if you write high-quality content. Since it is a premium, the platform only promotes quality sites.

Type: Premium

Register Today For Blog Engage

Biz Sugar:


Biz sugar is a place for bloggers to show their expertise and let others discover it. Anita Campbell acquired the community in 2008 and, since then, has been supporting bloggers and small business owners.

Bizsugar helps unrecognized bloggers get some attention by sharing blog posts, podcasts, videos, or any other content on the site. The site works the same as Blog Engage users submit their posts which other members then vote.

The more you are active on the site, the better chance you will have to get more traffic and a stable audience.

Type: Free

Become A Member Of BizSugar



Reddit is a great network community that allows users to submit their latest articles for promotion and traffic. It was founded back in 2005 and is for all types of content creators.

To get started on this site, all you need to do is sign up, and then as a registered member, you will be allowed to share links, images, and posts, which are then voted by other members on the site.

On Reddit every day, millions of people worldwide post, vote, and comment, which means you can get thousands of unique visitors landing on your blog in no time.

Type: Free, but for better features, the paid version is required.

Join Reddit



Triberr is a content marketing suite for all types of bloggers, influencers, and small business owners. The site is trusted by 250,000+ individuals, including small and large brands.

Triberr aims to help content creators get more exposure, build communities, and promote their content in one place. Triberr works a bit differently than the other communities I mentioned. This one requires you to be more active first, like commenting, engaging, following other tribe groups (bloggers), and sharing their posts. 

Once you start doing that, the chief may allow you to promote to a full-fledged tribe member, which means your post will become visible to other users.

Type: Free, but for more features requires a premium version.

Join Triberr



Hubski is a platform where you can share interesting ideas, stories, events, or anything that interests you. This community is created as an alternative to Reddit.

The thing that makes Hubski stand out from the rest of the communities is that it has no restrictions on what kind of content you are allowed to post or not as long as the article contains valuable information.

Instead of voting, Hubski allows others to share your content; the more the shares are, the better. As a new member, you won’t be allowed to share links or create posts right away. You will need to engage on the site first.

Type: Completly Free

Register For Hubski

The Voat: (No Longer Works)

Another alternative to Reddit is Voat. Voat is a censorship-free platform where registered community members can submit their content, such as post text or links, and get it rated by other members.

Submitted contents are organized by areas of interest. The more your post is full of helpful information and is well-written, the better chance you will have to drive organic traffic to your blog.

It is not as famous as other communities I mentioned, but it is worth a shot.

Type: Free

Be A Part Of The Verge

Facebook Groups:


Facebook groups are the classic way to promote content. This platform can also help you get traffic on your blog and build relationships with other bloggers. There are two ways to use Facebook to drive traffic and make connections.

The first one is to create a group related to your niche, promote your blog on it, send requests or allow other bloggers to join it. Doing this will create a community of bloggers with the same interests.

The second one is joining other bloggers’ Facebook groups such as Blogging Boost, Blogging, Promotion, Blog Newbs, etc. Facebook groups might not sound like the best option, but it has helped many bloggers build credibility.

Type: Free

Join Facebook Groups



DoSplash is another online blogging community for all types of niches. This community makes things easier by allowing users to share blog posts, comment, interact with other bloggers, up-vote, and give blogs the visibility they deserve.

The registering part is the quickest one; you need to fill the form and wait for approval. Once your request is accepted, you can select and pay for the pro package which meets your needs and start sharing blog posts on the site.

But if you plan on keeping the free package, you will have to wait for the post to be approved by the community publishing team.

Type: Free, but works better with premium package.

Be A Member Of DoSplash



Blokube is a site built by bloggers for bloggers. With more than 4,000 members and thousands of monthly visitors, the site has become one of the best tools for bloggers to market their blog on the web.

The main purpose of this community is to help bloggers share valuable content, engage, interact, exchange ideas with like-minded individuals. To be a part of this community, you need to pay first.

Blokube features include adding friends, commenting, private messaging, blog syndication, and creating groups.

Type: Premium only

Join Blokube



Medium is a platform for writers and readers. With almost 120 million readers, it is one of the best places to attract a target audience, drive traffic and make connections.

How Medium Works? You can either write fresh new content on the site or republish the best one from the blog. Remember to use the right title and hashtags which describe your post in an instant to the readers.

Keep in mind Medium is a good option if you are a blogger with some experience, but if you are new to the industry, I suggest waiting for a little otherwise, you might get discouraged for not targeting many readers.

Type: Free

Sign Up For Medium



GrowthHackers is a popular blogging community that deserves attention. It is one of the largest communities dedicated to scalable and sustainable growth. No matter what your goals are, whether it is driving the target audience to your site, generating more sales, or growing business, it got you all covered.

The community has strict policies which you need to follow. For example, if your posts bring no value to readers and don’t get any clicks, they will be removed instantly without any notice.

But on the other hand, if your articles are high-quality and relevant to the topic being discussed, chances are you can get do-follow links.

Type: Absolutely free

Be A Member Of GrowthHackers

Benefits Of Joining Online Blogging Communities

There are many benefits of joining blogging communities, and I will add a few to motivate:

Drive organic traffic: Blogging communities are the best way to drive organic traffic to your site.

Professional Assistance: Joining blogging communities can get you professional help for the blog.

Unique Visitors: One of the great benefits of being part of these communities is getting thousands of unique visitors landing on your site’s home page.

Share Post: You get to share your high-quality blog posts on these networks.

Interaction: These communities allow you to interact and build relationships with like-minded individuals.

Backlinks: Joining blogging communities can help you get backlinks for your site.

Credibility: By being a part of these communities, you will build your credibility as a blogger.

Few Words Of Thought

So, these are the virtual blogging communities you should consider joining. But keep in mind no matter what kind of community you register for, in the end, it will depend on the quality of your content.

To get the most votes, shares, and comments on these communities, try writing articles full of valuable information. Don’t get discouraged if your posts don’t attract many readers initially; remember, success takes time.

Anyway, I hope this post motivated you to join these communities, and if you have anything in mind, leave a comment below. I will try my best to make things clear.

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