Eight best alternatives to Google AdSense

8 Best Google AdSense Alternatives In 2023

When it comes to making money with a blog, ads seem to be the number one recommendation, and when we talk about ads, Google AdSense appears to be the best fit.

There is no doubt Google AdSense is the most popular and reliable option for beginner bloggers.

Monetizing your blog/website with Google Adsense is a good choice, but you can find many reviews on Google saying, “my AdSense account got banned or blocked.”

There are many reasons why Google AdSense can block or ban an account. For example, ” clicking an ad on the blog accidentally, fraud click or for creating more than one AdSense accounts.”

Google ads might be great, but it has a strict policy that you need to follow to keep your account going. If you can keep the rules, then good if not, then looking for an alternative is a good choice.

Since you are here, I assume you are looking for the best alternative to Google AdSense. Here is the thing there are many alternatives to Google AdSense, but only a few are worth your time.

In this post, I will share the eight best Google AdSense alternatives, which you can check and apply for even if you have a blog with low traffic.

8 Best Google Adsense Alternatives


Infolinks advertisers page

Infolinks is one of the best Google AdSense alternatives. It is a global advertising platform founded in 2007.

The company has the solution for both the advertiser and publisher. Online bloggers and website owners use Infolinks ads to earn from their websites.

Infolinks allows its publishers to choose from five ad unit options InFold, InArticle, InTag, InFrame, and InText. Infolinks currently supports a marketplace of over 100,000 websites in 128 countries and has over 350,000 publishers worldwide.

How much can you make with Infolinks?

Infolinks does not have fixed CPM rates. For each advertiser the company works with, it sets a price per view.

Join Infolinks Today



Adcash is an award-winning advertising company that started back in 2007. It is a privately held company but has helped many online bloggers and website owners earn a great amount of money.

It is open for worldwide publishers. The joining process is easy whether you have a small or a big website. Adcash has six ad formats to choose from: popunder, interstitial, in-page push, native, banner, and auto-tag.

Adcash operates in 196 countries.

How much can you make with Adcash?

The rates depend on the traffic on your website.

Join Adcash Today To Earn On Your Site

Amazon Native Shopping Ads:

amazon associate program

Who doesn’t love buying quality products from Amazon? Amazon is not just an eCommerce website. It is more than that it has many opportunities to earn from home.

As a blogger, Amazon’s native shopping ads can be a great way to increase earnings on your website. These ads give product recommendations on your website, which can be placed at the end of the content or within the content to make them a more convincing guest experience and shopping opportunity.

There are three types of Native Shopping Ads:

  • Recommendation Ads: It places relevant products from Amazon on your webpage based on your page content and visiting users
  • Search Ads: Search ads can recommend ads based on selected keywords by you
  • Custom Ads: This allows you to promote any item you want from Amazon

How much can you earn with Amazon native shopping ads?

The more sales you make through the ads, the more money you earn.

Register For Amazon Native Shopping Ads


Propeller ads

If you search on Google, you can find Propellerads as the best alternative to Google AdSense. PropellerAds is an advertising company giving excellent performance marketing solutions around the globe.

This company was established in 2011 and quickly turned into the main popunder traffic system. Now this company is in the lead with a 1 Billion+ monthly audience.

There are many reasons to give Propellerads a chance, such as 100% of traffic from your blog/website monetization, easy payment, minimum 5$ withdrawal, and much more.

The company has five ad formats to choose from: In-page push, Onclick ads, Smart links, Push notifications, and Interstitials.

How much can you expect to make with Propellerads?

The payment can be from 2$ to 4$ per 1000 impressions depending on your blog/website traffic quality.

Join Propeller Ads Today

Meridian Sorvn:

Sorvn the company of Meridian Sorvn

Meridian Sorvn might not be that popular compared to other Google AdSense alternatives, but that doesn’t mean it should be left out. This company Meridian Sorvn is a CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) advertising company.

Twenty thousand independent publishers trust the company. The quality which makes Meridian Sorvn stand out is that it is open to all publishers, no matter with a big or small website.

Meridian Sorvn is the best solution for beginner bloggers because it has no pageview limits, no requirements to join, and no contract.

How much can you make with Meridian Sorvn?

There is no limit, but you can expect to be paid around 1-2$ per 1000 impressions.

Join Meridian Sorvn

Pop My Ads: 

Pop my ads advertisers page

Pop my ads might not be the most famous advertising company, but it has many reasons to join. The company’s monetization solutions are the ultimate platform for publishers worldwide.

Pop my ads promise its publishers to gain profit from every visitor. The best part is Pop my ads accepts almost all sites within 24 hours, so if you are a new blogger or content publisher, you should give pop my ads a shot.

How much can you make with Pop My Ads?

It depends on the location of the traffic on your website.

Be A Part Of This Company


When we talk about the best Google AdSense alternatives, we can not simply ignore AdThrive. AdThrive has been serving advertisers and publishers since 2013.

Many reasons make AdThrive stand out from other advertising companies, such as you can earn more with AdThrive’s 20% RPM (revenue per minute), you will get paid whether the company gets paid by the advertiser and others.

How much can you make with AdThrive?

A publisher can expect to make 15$ per 1000 page views.

Join AdThrive Today



Without a doubt, Evadav is the most accessible ad network to join. This ad network has absolutely zero requirements. Evadav was started back in 2018.

In just two years, gained massive success with 2.3 campaigns (last month), 3.19k advertisers, 38.1 k publishers, and 874.5 million daily impressions. Evadav has four ad formats such as Native, Push, In-page, and Popunder.

How much can you make with Evadav?

Earnings are dependent on website performance.

Be A Part Of Evadav

Here is my list of eight Google AdSense alternatives. I hope this helps. If you are a new blogger and want to try some other ways to earn as a newbie blogger, you can check this post out How To Make Money Blogging As A Beginner.

Note: Please make sure you read and agree to follow the guidelines before applying to any of these companies. If you have more traffic from the USA, UK, and Canada, you can expect to earn a good amount, but you might struggle a little if you have the most traffic from other countries.

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