Step by Step Guide On How To Write A Great Blog Post

Ever heard a blogger saying I have been writing articles for years but haven’t made past 100 views or made a dime with my blog? Well, there are two main reasons why this could be happening to any blogger out there.

  • Number one is not paying much attention to SEO (search engine optimization), even its basics. If you learn about SEO, you can check this post out Stupid Simple SEO: SEO Break Down Into 5 Simple Steps.
  • Number two is focusing too much on making money, not the content.

I don’t blame anyone because I was horrible with blogging myself back in 2019. I did not know anything about SEO, blog post formatting, pros and cons of blogging myself. But these points improve with experience and time.

Anyway, what you can do right now to improve your blog is write high-quality content. Writing high-quality content isn’t hard all you need is the proper guidance to help you get started.

And, in this post, I will be sharing some awesome tips which you can implement to start publishing engaging and quality content right away.

Eight Tips On How To Write A Great Blog Post

Know Your Audience:

The first step is pretty obvious to write a great blog post, you need to know your audience. The whole point of your blog depends on it. I have seen some bloggers with thousands of followers, but the moment they slip away from their content, I see their likes turn from hundreds to just a few in a short time.

The mistake is the audience who follow the blog is interested in blogging tips or whatever the blog niche is. They are not interested in any other type of content, just similar to it.

For example, If my blog is about product reviews and suddenly, out of nowhere, I write a post about a cake recipe, how bad will it be for my blog? Yup, pretty bad my blog status will fluctuate. I could go from a thousand views a day into five hundred. I am sure none of us bloggers want this situation.

This is why it is essential to know your audience’s likes and dislikes. If you are not sure what type of posts your viewers like, check your whole blog status and check which posts get more likes and views.

You can get to know your audience by asking them questions in comments like asking them to share their feedbacks or even tips to help other bloggers out. This is also the best way to have an engaging audience.

Choose The Perfect Theme (Optional):

I can not emphasize how choosing a suitable theme for your blog is a major deal. This is something most bloggers ignore especially new bloggers. They choose whatever fits for them at the moment and think it is the final one.

New bloggers forget that choosing the suitable theme for the blog matters just like choosing the right content, and your theme should always match your niche; otherwise, it is a big thumbs down.

In one of the articles I read, Google AdSense tends to reject blogs with other color themes, not white or light-colored themes. I don’t know why this is, but it is better to choose a light color theme if you plan to earn from your blog through Google ads.

Another reason to choose a light color theme is that it makes the words clear on your blog. This is my opinion, but a blog with a white background looks more professional than others (please remember this is what I prefer at the end of the day it is your decision).

Have A Writing Style To Keep Your Audience Engage:

Having a writing style is what makes your blog special. I will explain what I mean by having a writing style it’s straightforward writing style is the way you type and the Phrases you use on your blog post most of the time. It is what makes your blog unique.

The writing style is a pretty solid thing. It helps your audience recognize it’s your post whether your followers find your post through Google, Pinterest, or Medium. So, you get my point.

Here is the thing your writing style should not be in a robotic tone with complex vocabulary. It should be engaging with simple words, and if that’s not the case, it doesn’t matter how great your blog post is; you will not get many views.

Don’t worry. I will give you tips on how to write a great blog post in an engaging tone:

  • When writing a blog post, think of yourself as a host like your audience is sitting right in front of you, and you are introducing something to them. I know this sounds weird, but this trick will help you write an engaging post, and soon enough, you will see the results yourself when comparing your old posts.
  • It is essential to make your audience curious throughout the post till the end. It will make your viewers read till the end so, all your hard work pays off.

I know it is pretty challenging to keep your audience engaged the whole time, but it is worth building the following list of your blog.

Write Blog Posts Focusing On One Thing:

Blogs with a niche-focused on one thing tend to get views easily compared to blogs with multiple niches. However, it is better that is not always the case because it depends on how you put words together at the end of the day.

If you are entirely new to the blogging industry and plan to grow your blog in little time to generate some income, I highly recommend that you choose one niche blog. A niche you are passionate about. It should be something that helps others out, as in tutorials or useful posts.

Here is the purpose of blog posts is mainly to help people with their problems, whether it is about product reviews or a food recipe.

There are many benefits of writing a blog post focusing on one niche are many. I will note down three for you:

  • Get ads based on your niche, especially affiliate links (the products will be related to your niche, and your followers will be your target audience; it will be easy to make a sale)
  • It will be easy to write a post focusing on one thing, especially for the start
  • You will have more chances to get accepted for sponsorship programs

Write A Straight Forward Introduction:

Okay, I don’t know about you guys, but this one bothers me with “lengthy introductions.” I am going to be honest when I see a pretty long introduction, I skip the whole blog post sometimes, and I am sure I’m not the only one who does this.

In my opinion, the introduction should be small and straightforward. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that you write a 3000 words blog post with 50 words introduction that won’t even make any sense, and you won’t be able to cover up the post basics. What I mean is try to keep the balance.

Here is the thing, The word introduction means introducing something. You should only be letting the viewer know what you will describe in the post, so the viewers know if this is the post they are looking for without wasting time.

So, for example, if I am going to write a blog post of 1500-2000 words, my introduction should be from 400 to 500, that’s it. Do make it clear, and if you are doing website posts, it is better to list the names in the introduction sometime or create a table of content.

Things to add to your blog introduction:

  • Repeat the topic of your post to your viewers to get their attention
  • Tell them a little detail about how they can fix it (depends on the topic if it is a helping post)
  • Tell them why they need to fix it, and if they don’t, what are the consequence if they don’t take action soon
  • If you are doing a website post, it is better to list them in the content table

These points can be used for all niches (depending on your post topic)

Add Headings and Paragraphs:

Headings and Paragraphs are a significant part of a well-written blog post. Wall posts don’t get much attention. If you don’t know what a wall post is, let me simplify. Wall posts are posts without even one heading or a paragraph. They are just words with no sequence.

This is why they look highly unprofessional and not attractive at all.

Without headings and paragraphs, it is hard to say you will describe something step by step without losing track. Also, using these two will help you write a longer post without even realizing it (than usual).

Another thing is adding headings and paragraphs will turn a small written post with not much information into a well-written post with full details and insight (even though it is not a lengthy post).

Keep the heading size average no need to make it too small or too large. So, next time you are about to write a post, try to include headings and paragraphs and see the difference yourself.

Write A Detailed Post:

A post that contains information has higher chances of getting ranked on the top page of Google. Here is the thing when you Google about something, the post that pops up on the first is the post that has the most quality information related to your search.

These types of posts are a lot of work. They require too much effort like research, evidence with pictures, and other steps.

Take a moment and imagine your blog post being on top of the Google search. Wouldn’t that be great, right and who wouldn’t want that but It will take time and plenty of experience to get there, but it’s okay to have big goals because nothing is impossible and hard work always pays off.

I want to share the benefits of writing detailed posts:

  • You have more chances of getting a stable audience with just one post.
  • Google will rank you fast
  • It could be that Google crawler won’t ignore your post

End The Post Like A Pro:

Just like the introduction ending of the post has its special place. To end a post like a pro, you need to answer all your audience’s questions like there should be no doubts on their mind.

You need to end your post in a way that satisfies the viewer, which makes them either want to subscribe to your blog or to come back later to read more of your awesome posts.

Few Words Thoughts

Even though I explained everything, this is still a starter pack post for new bloggers. There is so much more blogging than writing style, choosing the suitable theme, and adding paragraphs.

Blogging is all about how much work and time you put into it. The more you work, the better the results.

After doing all these steps, then comes the promotion, which is like the backbone of blogging. Do a lot of promotion and see the results.

Don’t forget to check out this course, Stupid Simple SEO, by Mike Pearson.

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