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Stupid Simple SEO: SEO Break Down Into 5 Simple Steps

Yes, you read the title right,” Stupid Simple SEO ” why? Because SEO is simple, well, at least the basics. The word SEO used to scare me a lot, and I am not joking.

Every time I used to see a post about it, I used to click the back button and ignore it like it does not matter at all. It was just like seeing someone from school at the mall on the weekend and trying to run away and do not lie to me; you never did this.

I assumed I could never understand SEO, but I had to suffer the consequences: my blog was not receiving the traffic I thought it deserves in the first year.

I know I should not expect too much from my blog in the first year, but seeing a blog post about too much success in the first year of blogging was depressing. I started to doubt my blog until I read a blog post about SEO basics on Pinterest.

Honestly, if you struggle to understand SEO and think it’s not very easy, I highly suggest you guys read some SEO posts on Pinterest. They are so well written, and the way the author makes it so easy to read is the best part.

I said to use Pinterest, not Google, because if you search blog posts about SEO on Google, they are long, lengthy posts with too much-advanced knowledge, especially for beginners.

Save them for later because they are on Google’s first page for a reason, but stick to the basics for now. Start with basic posts, apply those strategies, and then move to a higher level.

Anyway, In this post, I am going to share my research with you on SEO. I gathered all the necessary SEO steps and will write them down for you in easy words so SEO can be simple for you guys.

Note them down because you will need to do these steps every time you are about to post.

How To Start Writing SEO Freindly Blog Post To Boost Your Blog Traffic Pin image

5 SEO Strategies You Need To Know


Keywords are the backbone of getting ranked on Google. If you don’t know what keywords are yet, let me explain in as simple words as possible Keyword is the one word in your blog title which you will be mentioned in your post a lot like in the introduction then in almost every paragraph ( if you can) till the end.

For example, if my keyword for this post is SEO, then I will try to use the word SEO in my whole post till the end as much as possible, even on my blog post images as in alt text which is another thing I will be discussing further in the post.

According to some of the bloggers, it is better to go for 200-500 search (use keyword search tools to find out search results) keywords as a new blogger because the keyword with more search results can be thumbs down for you because of too much competition.

So, it is better to go from low to high and take the process slowly rather than jumping for high results right away.

It should be crystal clear for you by now what a keyword is and how to use it. If still not, I am happy to help in the comment section.


I did not know anything about Permalink, and I can not explain how much it matters. If you don’t understand what permalink is, let me spell it out for you guys: the blog post/web page’s hyperlink.

Ugly permalinks are a big no from Google.

I will show an example below of bad permalink:

example of a bad permalink

This is the permalink of my last post (old blog) now. Let me tell you what makes it ugly those numbers you see are why this is a lousy permalink. Google prefers short, clean URLs free from any digits.

Here is the example of a clean permalink:

example of a good permalink

Doesn’t this one look better to you? Short URL tends to have more chances of getting organic traffic from Google.

If you are using a free blog version from WordPress, then sadly, you can not edit your permalink, and it will have date/numbers in it, which is pretty bad for your blog.

You can find ways to edit URL slug with coding online, but on the comment section, most people were saying it did not work at all, and some even messed their blog/webpages so, it is better to be on the safe side.

So, if you are planning to rank your blog higher on Google, then it is time to upgrade your blog to self-hosting. I recommend Dream Host.

According to my research, Dream Host is the best one yet and affordable with a free domain name and email for one year (depends on the package), but the decision is all yours.

And if you haven’t launched a self-hosted blog yet, then what are you waiting for? read this article “Seven Reasons Why You Should Consider Launching A Self-hosted Blog.


Yes, it is time to discuss the image alt text, the one I already introduced you to. I never knew there is such a thing called image alt text (yup, this is how technical I am, lol).

Maybe you already knew about this one, and if you don’t know, it’s okay; this is the only easiest thing in the whole SEO thing, in my opinion.

You need to add alt text for your images because it will help your blog pictures appear on the Google images section too. In simple words, Google even loves the smallest details.

For example, if I search for chocolate cake on Google and then go to the Google images section, I will find pictures from blogs/websites with chocolate cake recipes. The reason those blogs/website images are showing is that they added photo alt text and descriptions. So, now you know how it helps your blog.

Also, in the alt text section, you must add your keyword and in the description box.

If you don’t know where the alt text box is located, you can see these pictures below:

Dashboard>Media>Select Image>Edit (I added numbers below just in case)

WordPress Alt Text tutorial

After the first step, it will land you on this page where you can see the alt text and description box

WordPress Alt text tutorial

I hope this one is clear to you now.

Internal Links:     

It is not the first time on my blog I am mentioning internal links in my few post. Before I knew it has something to do with SEO, I encouraged my followers to add internal links in a new post to get views on their previous posts.

It is essential that you only add links that are related to your current post.

Internal links make your blog/website SEO friendly. It helps the viewer look into your blog/website easily, but it also assists Google in ranking your website with ease. On the other side, you get new views on your old posts this way, and they don’t die.

There is already an example on this post on the permalink paragraph. I added a link from my previous post affordable web hosting companies because it was related, and I took the opportunity.

So, next time you get the chance to add internal links to your post, don’t miss it. Please add 3-4 links also; you can go to your old posts and add internal links to them right now too.

As for me, at this moment, I am only able to add two because it is my first post about stupid simple SEO, but whenever I update this post, I will try to add at least two more.

Lengthy Post:

Okay, Google has a thing for lengthy posts. If the niche you choose is something you are passionate about then, it should be a no problem, but if it is something you choose to just for the sake of making money out of your blog, then maybe it is time you re-think your decision.

Don’t get me wrong, I am just saying this because if you are struggling to write a 1000 word post on your chosen niche right now, how do you expect to write more in the future about it when your blog grows.

Anyways, your post should at least be 1000 words most of the time, but it should not be just long for the sake of it.

It also needs to contain valuable information that other blog posts about the same topic do not have, so; it makes sense to Google why it should be on the first page.

A well-written blog is 1500+, but I guess for a start, 1000 is useful as long as you stay on topic and it is informative.

If you want to choose a profitable blog niche, then check this post out “9 Types Of Blogs That Make Money (With Examples).”

That is it!

Don’t forget to keep your blog/website fast; no one likes slow pages.

Short Review Of Course Stupid Simple SEO

Apart from all this, I bought the course by Mike Pearson after writing this post. This is why my title is “Stupid Simple SEO” I am truly sorry. If you thought this was a review post, it’s not.

I did not know these keywords. Stupid simple SEO was only for a course or review post.

But one thing I will tell you is that the course Stupid Simple SEO by Mike Pearson is worth buying if you are new to SEO or find it really hard to understand.

Mike Pearson breaks down SEO into simple steps that even a newbie can understand easily.

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