Expert Blogger Checklist

Ever wonder what an expert blogger checklist is? I mean, what is their secret? How do they get their blog ranked so high so fast in just a short time?

Yup, I wondered about that too for a while. You need to know every expert blogger has one point in the blogging field, which they are amazing. It could be that one blogger is best at engaging with the audience, and the other is great at SEO.

Here is a little tip to become a successful blogger before we dig into the post. Find one thing you are great at in blogging, no matter how small or big it is, and look for your strategy.

Find it and use that one strategy in every post you write, if not thousands or hundreds of views overnight, but you will see some difference in a short time.

Anyway, let’s save the rest for later. Are you guys excited to hear about the expert blogger checklist? I am going to assume you are because you are still reading.

Here is the thing in every blog post, even about the same topic: you will discover something unique, something you understand will be worth your time. So stay with me till the end. Plus, I will give examples to make it more simple for you all.

Okay, okay, enough with the teasing, I will start the post.

Expert Blogger Checklist


First and foremost, to become an expert blogger, you need to know who you are writing for. After 20 posts, you are supposed to have a little idea of what your viewers are interested in. If you still don’t know what your viewers like, then start paying attention to this point.

Because your whole blogging career depends on it, here is the most famous blogging tip from expert bloggers, write for a group of people, not for the entire internet.

What they meant by this is to write for people interested in your chosen niche, only you don’t have to go and start writing for everyone, which is why you need to know SEO skills. I will cover this later in the post.

Right now, I will give an example to make things more clear.

For example: If I blog about marketing strategies before writing the post, I should think of myself as a viewer If I am a beginner looking for excellent marketing strategies on Google, what kind of questions will I have on my mind, and will this post be easy for me to understand as a newbie.

Please make a list of questions and answer them in your post to make it more professional.

Keyword Search:

Okay, there is no way any expert blogger checklist can be completed without doing a keyword search. I have no idea how to emphasize this, but “Do Not Write A Post With Doing Keywords Search” If you don’t, it will be hard for you to get organic blog traffic on your blog.

Here is a short introduction of what keywords are; Keywords are the words in your blog post that you will repeat countless times in your post, as in inside your post introduction, paragraphs number one, two, and till the end.

The more you use them, the better it is because it will make your blog SEO-friendly this way.

I hope you now understand why keywords matter so much to expert bloggers. Expert bloggers write for a small group, but they also try to increase their blog audience by using the right keywords.

Anyway, I already did a whole post about SEO, “Stupid Simple SEO,” if you are a brand new blogger who does not know anything related to SEO. I highly recommend checking the post out.

Quality Content:

Even if you know everything about blogging but don’t write quality content, I am sorry to say this, but your blog will not go anywhere; it will stay in the same position as it was at the start.

The most common mistake new bloggers make is writing their first blog post introducing who they are, their likes and dislikes, and a bit about their personal life.

Not to burst your bubble, but if you are not a well-known author or famous person, people will hardly care to read a post about something like this (including myself).

I recommend writing a helpful blog post. Write about something you are expert at, something you won’t get tired of no matter how many times you have to write about the same thing.

Also, don’t forget to make your post lengthy Uncle Google loves long-written posts that benefit its users. Try to write at least 1000+ as a beginner and increase them later. Don’t just write a long post for the sake of length. Add valuable information to it too.

Writing Style:

How can I write a whole post about expert bloggers’ checklists but not include writing style (I won’t do that on purpose)? I always encouraged my followers to have a unique, engaging writing style.

There are many benefits of having a writing style as an author, but sorry, I will only be able to cover two in this post for now to motivate you.

First, every famous blogger has a writing style that helps their audience recognize them no matter where they find the article, whether from Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter.

Second, having a writing style helps keep your audience engaged until the end of your post as long as it has great information.

If you have been blogging for a while now and still don’t have a writing style, you better start working on it because keeping your followers engaged until the end of your post is hard work and requires some writing skills.

You can use a few tips: Write your blog post as if you are talking to someone, choose a phrase that you will often use in your posts, and give a little background of your personal experience (related to the topic only).


I am sure you are aware of the blog promotion. If you don’t pay much attention to it, then let me share a thought with you. When a new brand is about to start, sometimes a company spends millions of dollars just for advertising; why?

There is probably a good reason to attract their target audience, and if it does not work out, they keep advertising repeatedly.

This is the mindset you need to have to promote your blog right.

Don’t for a second think I will look desperate if I keep pining for the same pin, again and again; think of it as advertising your blog but for free.

The point is that blog promotion is essential. You cannot ignore this part. You need to find a platform that will work best for you, whether Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, or even Instagram.

If one does not work out for you, start putting more effort into the other one. Keep going, don’t stop because, to be honest, if someone gains 90K views from Pinterest, that does not mean you will gain the same amount of traffic from the same platform.

Look for the one that will work out for you rather than just focusing on one that worked out for someone else.


Since I started my blog, I have been repeating this a lot: “Blogging requires dedication.” You can’t just post five or six posts and wait for your blog traffic to explode.

In every blogging step, you will need to work hard and stay focused, whether it is a keyword search, promotion, or writing quality content.

At the end of the day, it will all come down to how much you worked on it and how much you wanted it, and if you did not put in the effort it requires, you can not blame anyone but yourself.

Let me clarify there was a time when all those expert bloggers had no audience; they started from scratch, and most of them I know about it took them years to reach their goals.

But they never gave up even though they struggled (It’s hard to say they didn’t). They stayed and didn’t give up because they knew dedication was one of the requirements of a successful blog.

So, if you want to be a successful blogger, you can use this expert blogger checklist.

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