10 free blog promotion sites

10 Free Blog Promotion Sites To Drive Traffic

Increasing blog traffic is the biggest problem you will face in your blogging journey because of the high-level competition. Yes, the number of blogs is 32 million alone in the USA which means getting your blog noticed by Google is nearly impossible.

But there are some other ways to establish your blog presence and generate organic traffic to it, and that is by using blog promotion sites. Blog promotion sites have the potential to turn your blog status up in a short time.

In fact, many bloggers use these sites as blog promotion tools and have seen tremendous results, and the best part is they are free of cost.

In this article, I will provide you with a list of the best blog promotion websites that you can start using to increase your blog views and position.

Free Blog Promotion Sites

1. Pinterest:

Pinterest is a popular social networking site that can bring new visitors to your blog quickly. Many bloggers have written articles about how they used this fantastic platform and gained their first 1000 views in a short time.

In order to generate traffic from this platform, you need to develop a strong Pinterest marketing strategy. You can take a course and get few extra tips to boost your Pinterest monthly impressions and clicks, or just use Tailwind to get your pin re-pin by top Pinterest users.

One tip to be successful on this platform is consistently publishing 3-5 new pins on it every day with targeted keywords. If you need more helpful tips to use this site for your blog, read this post, “Pinterest For Bloggers: How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic,” which contains almost all the information you will find on paid courses.

2. Instagram:

Instagram is the most used social media platform in the world. It is a platform for all content creators. If you already use this platform to promote your blog or website, great, but if not, then what’s stopping you from using it?

And the best part is it is easy to use all you need to do is >go to settings>account>switch to a professional account>fill in some basic information about your sites/business, and you are good to go.

A quick tip:  Post regularly and try using tons of related and popular hashtags in your niche to reach a new audience. Many marketing tools offer the service to find popular hashtags, including Tailwind.

3. Medium:

Here’s a quick introduction to Medium. Medium is a place for writers and readers. This site has almost 120 million readers, which means your target audience is between them, and it is your job to find them.

Medium is a great platform to promote your blog, especially if you are an expert in your niche and can write long-form engaging content because the competition level is high on it.

How to use Medium for blog promotion? You can either write fresh content on the site itself or just republish your best one from the blog (it’s preferable to write a new post instead of republishing). 

Remember to use the right title and hashtags that describe your post instantly to find the right readers interested in your blog niche.

4. Flipboard:

Flipboard by Mike McCue and Evan Doll was started back in 2010. The primary purpose of this amazing site/app is to help readers find interesting articles from all over the web.

Now let’s discuss how as a blogger, Flipboard is beneficial. Well, the thing is, Flipboard has more than 145 million registered users who are passionate to read, and your future audience is in there somewhere. All you have to do is post your article on Flipboard and wait for new viewers to roll in.

Also, this platform helps your audience stay up to date with your articles.

How Flipboard Works? To get started with Flipboard first, you need to create a publisher account, create a magazine and then submit an RSS feed and wait for approval.

Don’t forget to confirm your email address; otherwise, you won’t be able to create magazines.

5. YouTube:

Youtube is one the largest social media platform on the web, with 2.29 million users, according to Backlinko. The site has so much to discover on it contains videos of every category which means it is a good opportunity for you to promote your site.

Yes, Youtube is not just a place to watch your favorite videos. You can also use this famous platform as a blog promotion tool. In fact, many site/business owners use it for marketing their services.

This might be the platform you need to use to kick start your blog views.

How to use Youtube for the website promotion? It’s easy. Create a Youtube channel, upload videos of useful tips related to your niche (you can explain your blog posts more in-depth), and add your site link in the description.

Also, try adding these videos in related blog posts to increase Google rankings.

6. Reddit:

Reddit, which was founded in 2005, is a social network community designed to facilitate sharing content. This popular platform has 52+ million active users, 100k communities, and 50B+ monthly views. Therefore, Reddit can bring thousands of visitors to your blog in a short period.

Still, there are certain conditions to it, such as the post should be informative, long-form, engaging, etc.

How does Reddit Works? Simply sign up, and then, as a registered member, you will be able to share links, images, and posts.

7. Triberr:

Triberr is a blog networking site founded back in 2012. This platform focuses on helping bloggers connect with each other based on similar interests. More than 250,000 individuals and brands across dozen industries trust this platform.

On Triberr, content creators can promote their content, build communities, and get more exposure. Also, it is free to use (the premium version is available for more features).

How Does Triberr Works? Triberr requires its new users to be active on the site first, such as commenting, following tribes, sharing other users’ posts, etc. As you begin to do that, the chief may grant you the title of a full-fledged tribe member, which means you will be able to share your posts on tribes.

8. Viral Content Bee:

Viral Content Bee is a free content marketing platform. This platform focuses on getting content creators organic shares and likes for their posts on social media platforms from established accounts.

How To Use Viral Content Bee? First, you need to submit your post on the site as soon as it gets accepted, other bloggers will be able to share it on their social media accounts, and in return, you will be doing the same for them.

It sounds easy, but there are few requirements you need to follow to get your article accepted, such as write unique content, proofread your post before submission and ensure that the blog is not overrun with advertisements.

9. Quora:

Have you ever used Quora to find answers to your questions? Probably a lot of us have, but that’s not it. Quora can also be used as a blog promotion service.

But the question arises how you can promote a blog/website on it?

For instance, you have a blog devoted to Blogging Tips For Beginners. You find a Q&A post on Quora where someone is asking about blogging tips. You can offer a few tips and then share your blog post link to get exposure.

Make sure you do not post your URL without answering because you will be marked as a spammer if you do that.

10. Twitter:

Twitter is a popular social media platform founded back in March 2006 and has 206 million daily active users. Many bloggers and website owners use this platform as a source to market their sites and services.

In order to promote on the platform, you need to build a marketing strategy.

Here are some useful tips: tweet multiple times a day with different titles, use hashtags that help reach the target audience and comment on famous bloggers’ accounts related to your niche (don’t spam their comment section with links).

Although Twitter has millions of users, it can take a while to get some results.

Benefits Of Blog Promotion Sites

Drive Traffic: By promoting on these sites, you’ll be able to drive organic traffic to your blog

Credibility: Using these social media sites to promote your blog will assist you in building credibility

Build Connection: You can connect with other bloggers in your niche by using these sites

Improve SEO: Promotion of your blog can increase search engine rankings

Attract Target Audiences: Your targeted audience will be able to find you on these websites

No Experience: There is no experience required to promote on these sites

Get In Touch With Business Owners: This will give you a chance to connect with business owners looking to promote their products and services


So we reach the end of the post. If you are looking for free blog promotion websites that will help you generate organic traffic to your blog and build credibility as a blogger, this post will help.

The list of ten blog promotion sites I mentioned should be enough to get your blog noticed by search engines. To find more sites to promote your blog on, check out this article, “11 Blogging Communities To Get Your Blog Discovered.”

If you have any questions and recommendations, comment down below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How To Get Traffic To My Blog For Free?

  • Do keyword research
  • Publish On-Page SEO posts
  • Promote on social media platform
  • Add social media share buttons
  • Write guest posts for other blogs
  • Use Google Search Console to help Google Crawler discover your posts
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