Pinterest For Bloggers: How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic

When it comes to driving traffic to your blog, Pinterest seems to be the right fit. Pinterest is such a powerful tool for bloggers that even bloggers who don’t get 100 views from Google monthly get 1000 views per day using Pinterest the right way.

They know Pinterest in and out. They researched. Some even took Pinterest courses to learn Pinterest expert’s strategies, which is a good idea if you have extra bucks, but many other options are always available for the kick start.

There are many Pinterest secrets, as I like to call them Pinterest hacks, because the more you dive into this powerful platform, the more you will learn about it.

New bloggers jumping to promote their blog on Pinterest has no idea about them. They think all they have to do is make a pin and wait for it to go viral. I wish that could happen but let’s face it, that is not how life works.

When I first started using Pinterest for the first blog, I had no clue that even for Pinterest, you need to have SEO skills; you need to know about keywords, pin descriptions, and all.

I did the same thing, which many beginner bloggers do publish the post and wait for people to know my pins and blogs existed sounds funny now, to be honest, but oh well! You are right in time to know about these Pinterest bloggers’ hack so; you don’t make the same mistake.

I know maybe you already knew 2 or 3 points, but there is soo much to learn in this post. I hope you stick with me till the end.

how to use Pinterest SEO to increase blog traffic

Seven Ways To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Pinterest SEO:

Pinterest is not just a place for the yummy food recipe, workout tips, or craft; it is more than that Pinterest itself is a search engine just like Google, Bing, and Firefox; this means to get ranked on top, you will need to know Pinterest SEO hacks.

Pinterest SEO is quite different from Google SEO because it does not involve any expensive keyword search tools; Pinterest itself is all you need. Sounds good, right?

Now maybe you are thinking, where should I look for keywords on Pinterest? That’s easy. For example, if you blog about “Digital Marketing,” you should search Pinterest digital marketing. After clicking the enter just below the search bar, you will see different colorful boxes.

Here is a visual example:

Pinterest search pins digital marketing

(I added the yellow marker around the keywords just in case)

The words inside those boxes are your keywords, so start using them in your pins and pins titles and save some for later you will need them. Another thing is searching for keywords like this can also help you generate new post ideas for your blog.

In conclusion, Pinterest SEO best friends are keywords. If you know where to look for the right keywords for your pins and how to use them, then you already know more than enough Pinterest SEO.

Usage Of Keywords:

Now you know what Pinterest keywords are, and I will explain why I said if you know where to find and how to use your Pinterest keywords, you know enough of Pinterest SEO already. Pinterest keywords are not only used in pin titles and descriptions; they have more usage.

Pinterest keywords are added in your display name, your bio, and your boards’ name, but you need to use keywords differently for each one of them. I will clarify it later so you can understand better.

Right now, let’s focus on display name; remember all those keywords I asked you to save? It’s time to use them. You need to add some of those save keywords in your display name because the more keywords you add, the more your Pinterest business account becomes Pinterest SEO friendly.

Your display name should be like this:

Your Name/Your Blog Name| What You Blog About| Relevant Keyword 1| Relevant Keyword 2

It should look something like this:

ProBlogsLover| Start a blog| Blog tips| Blog traffic

Professional Bio:

Every blogger or freelancer needs to have a professional biography on their blog/website to help viewers know who they are and what they do. Pinterest profile bio is no different; you need to tell your followers about yourself and your blog’s aim.

The only downside of Pinterest profile bio is that you can only write 160 words no more; you need to keep it short, simple, and professional sounds like a bit of brainstorming, right? Don’t worry; I will help to make it easy for you.

It’s time to use more of your saved keywords. It’s okay if you didn’t save many keywords; you can go back and save some again. Using these keywords will not only help you write your bio short and simple, but it will also make your account Pinterest SEO friendly.

For example (it’s not the best one but should help you with an idea):

I help beginner bloggers to launch their blogs. I give tips about how to blog and blog traffic.

As you see, I tried to use different keywords but related ones, and you need to do the same because the more keywords you use, the better it is for your account.


Pinterest boards are a significant part of your account; you need a separate board for everything you pin to make your account look clean and tidy. If you haven’t made boards on Pinterest, then you should make them right now.

Having boards on Pinterest can help your account with SEO, too; how? Well, it’s easy, of course, by using the right keywords. Your Pinterest board’s keywords should be directly on point as what the board is about, with no extra information.

For example, my board name should be “Increase Blog Traffic” for all my blog traffic pins. So, when someone searches to increase blog traffic on Pinterest, chances are my pins will pop up because of using direct keywords.

Another place you need to add related keywords on your Pinterest boards is board descriptions. You need to make it straight to what the board is about and what kind of pins your followers can expect to find on this board.

One last thing try to add little different keywords in your board description than your board name.

Clickable Pins:

Everything is set up now; it’s time to create some pins. You already know how to make a pin and post on Pinterest, but did you ask yourself if my pin is even clickable before publishing?

Let me clarify what I mean by a clickable pin; it means a pin which, if not all, but many users want to click and check.

Now I will tell you what makes a pin clickable number one is beautiful graphic pins; I use Canva to create mine, and it is the best one I know yet, which almost more than 80% of Pinterest bloggers use to create pins.

Number two is catchy pin titles. For example, If I create a pin about a blog post naming it “How I Use Pinterest To Get Views On My Blog,” chances are not many people will be interested in checking it out, including my followers.

But if I create a pin about the same post naming it “How I Use Pinterest To Drive 1000 Views On My Blog Daily,” many users will love to check it out. Suddenly just by using the right words, the same pin became a clickable pin only in seconds.

When posting the pin, don’t forget to add hashtags.

Group Boards:

Group boards are the biggest weapons of Pinterest bloggers to drive massive traffic to their blogs. The purpose of group boards for bloggers are to collaborate and pin each other pin on their boards to get unique visitors to their blog.

Looking for the right group boards and getting accepted on them is a lot of work. Some boards’ rules will be to follow the owner, email them and then wait for the reply, which can take plenty of time.

I am not a fan of group boards; why? Because of a bad experience. My first blog Pinterest account gained more than 2k impressions almost every day, even on my new pins. Still, as soon as I joined some of the group boards with low monthly impressions, I stopped getting 1000 impressions; suddenly, they changed into 100’s, then only seven or so.

So, my point of telling all this is not to stay in group boards with a lower impression than your account; it will worsen your account. If you are in any group boards like these, leave them without thinking; it can make your account go up to down pretty fast.

One last thing if you want to get accepted on group boards with top Pinterest bloggers. I suggest waiting for a little while until you get at least 30k monthly impressions on your account; although it is not the condition to join group boards, you can apply if you want; even with 0 monthly impressions, the chances to get accepted will be less.


Tailwind is the main Pinterest hack of Pinterest bloggers. I haven’t read a single post about any Pinterest blogger who did not recommend Tailwind to drive traffic to your blog; some even prefer Tailwind tribes over Pinterest group boards (I am one of them).

The reason is that Tailwind tribes are relatively easy to join compared to Pinterest group boards. The best part is you don’t have to follow anyone or wait for email replies to get accepted on most of them; however, some require you to wait for a little to post pins until the admin accepts your request; the process is fast, unlike group boards.

Another great thing about Tailwind is it lets you schedule your pin, so you don’t have to sit around and wait till your followers are active. Tailwind will take care of that for you sounds great, right? But I am not done yet.

By clicking this (affiliate) link, you can get 30 days free trial instead of 15 days which you will typically get if you sign up directly instead of using my link. The choice is yours. I am just recommending this fantastic tool to help you reach your blog audience in less time and effort.

Although Tailwind is a significant part of driving traffic from Pinterest to your blog, you can not simply ignore pining manually at all. Pinterest does care about how much time you spend on it.

Commonly Asked Question

What are the types of Pins?

There are three types of pins image pins, video pins, and product pins.

Image Pins: Image pins are created by uploading pictures from a computer or mobile and adding a website link. The purpose of image pins is to get views on the blog/website.

Video Pins: Video pins are created to tell a story of a brand, idea, or project. It is better to have captions in the video because they are played in the user’s feeds, and they may not hear the sound.

Product Pins: An individual or company create product pins to sell their products. Product pins are mostly linked to the direct sale page, such as Etsy, Amazon, or website shop.

Is Pinterest Good For Bloggers?

Yes, Pinterest is one of the best social media platforms for bloggers. It doesn’t matter how big or small your blog is. Pinterest can help you get the traffic you desire and help you earn from your blog in no time.

Apart from Pinterest being a fantastic platform for bloggers, it is also a great place for businesses to reach their marketing goals.

How Do Bloggers Make Money From Pinterest?

Bloggers do not generate income directly from Pinterest (as in Pinterest, do not pay them). They create pins of their blog posts, and whenever anyone clicks on the pin, they get views on their post, which gets them ad impressions or purchase through affiliate links.

If you are interested in making money from Pinterest without a blog, I recommend checking these posts out What Is A Pinterest Manager, And What Does A Pinterest Manager Do? and How To Make Money On Pinterest: Step by Step Guide.

Do Followers On Pinterest Matters?

It is one of the most commonly asked questions, “Do followers On Pinterest Matters?” The answer is, well, no, because there are some Pinterest profiles with 700+ followers but only 100 impressions per month and 0 clicks.

There is no point in having unengaged and inactive followers, so, as you see, the numbers of followers do not matter on Pinterest.

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