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Pinterest Manager: How To Become One

There are several ways to make money with Pinterest, and one of the best ways is to become a Pinterest manager. Why so? Due to Pinterest’s growing popularity as a resource for driving traffic to websites and generating sales, the demand for hiring Pinterest managers is also increasing.

Therefore, it is the right time to take advantage of the opportunity. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about becoming a Pinterest manager because, in this article, I will be sharing six steps that will help you begin your Pinterest management career.

What is a Pinterest Manager?

In simple words, a Pinterest manager is a Pinterest expert who helps business owners reach their marketing goals by promoting their brands, products, and services on Pinterest.

There are several reasons why someone will hire a Pinterest manager; they don’t see results, are already using other social media platforms, can’t handle another one, their marketing strategy is not working, or don’t know much about Pinterest.

How To Become A Pinterest Manager

These six easy steps will help you become a qualified manager:

Step #1: Start With Research:

The number one step to becoming a Pinterest manager is to do your task research; why? Because being a manager is not just about making money, you will also be responsible for the growth of your client’s account.

It would be best first to learn the basics of Pinterest management skills so you can determine if you’re capable of handling the responsibilities, such as setting up a business account, applying for rich pins, optimizing pins, and so on.

Once you understand your duties, you’ll be halfway to starting your Pinterest management career.

Step #2: Create A Pinterest Marketing Strategy:

After learning about a Pinterest manager’s skills, it is time to create your own Pinterest marketing strategy for your clients. It would be best if you came up with a unique strategy that beats your competitor’s tactics.

For example:

  • Discover the best time to publish pins.
  • Create pins with visible fonts.
  • Use the best keywords to describe the pin.
  • Find active groups on Pinterest.

Step #3: Create Your Portfolio:

The next step is to create a Portfolio on Pinterest to get clients. Create a portfolio that shows your unique skills, background experience related to your career, and some evidence of why you are the right person to hire.

To learn how to set up a profile as a professional, check out the top Pinterest managers’ accounts.

Step #4: Find Clients On Pinterest:

The best way to do this is to look for Pinterest accounts of business owners, check their profiles out, notice the mistakes they are making, message them, give them a tip, offer your services, and try to convince them why they need Pinterest management services.

Step #5: Create A Website:

Although creating a portfolio is a good option, creating a website is best.

Creating a website will make you look more professional, and new clients will look through your website and see what kind of services/packages you offer; also, you can set your own charges.

Step #6: Promote Your Services:

Just as it is essential to market your client’s brand, it is also necessary to market your services. What you can do is create a website and ask your clients to give reviews.

The more positive reviews you will receive, the more chances you will become well-known in the field.

Another way to market your management services is by creating an Instagram account. By using this social media platform, you will be able to find new clients quickly and easily.

Also, creating an Instagram account will help you build credibility as a manager.

What Tasks You Will Offer To Your Clients

It is essential to know what kind of tasks/services you will offer to your clients.

As mentioned above, a Pinterest Manager is a Pinterest Expert; they help their clients reach their marketing goals which means you will be using a marketing strategy that will drive more awareness of your client’s brand.

These are the six tasks/services you are expected to do:

1. Setting Up The Account:

As a Pinterest manager, your first task is setting up your client’s business account. A business account is necessary since it goes against Pinterest’s terms and conditions to use a personal account for business purposes.

How do you set up your client account?

  • Write a professional bio.
  • Add a photo (brand logo).
  • Create boards.
  • Join group boards.

To complete all of these tasks, understanding Pinterest SEO and the usage of keywords is a must.

2. Create/Design Pins:

The second thing you are required to do is design pins for your client. You will need to create clickable pins that use the right colors, fonts, and attractive images.

Pins should be designed to look professional and promote the client’s service, content, or product.

Thanks to Canva, you can now create professional pins more easily than ever before.

3. Schedule and Share Pins:

As a client manager, you are also responsible for managing every account activity, including the scheduling of pins. This is where your strong marketing strategy will come into play.

You will need to identify the time when your client receives the most views and shares and schedule pins accordingly. You will also be sharing pins on group boards.

4. Promote Pins:

Scheduling and sharing the client’s pins once is not enough; you need to promote them more often to increase engagement. Promote them to Tailwind communities to get re-pins from top Pinterest users.

The best tip is to write eye-catching headlines and promote them in niche-related communities.

5. Track Analytics:

As a manager, you should be familiar with tracking analytics reports since you will need to check the analytics section periodically to determine whether your strategy is working or not.

Great analytics reports will satisfy your client; in other words, satisfying clients means more new customers.

6. Coaching/Training Sessions:

Another service many Pinterest managers provide is a coaching/training session for clients. Hiring a manager can be expensive for some people, so they prefer taking online coaching/training sessions and creating their own marketing strategy.

How Much Does A Pinterest Manager Make?

Typically a Pinterest manager will charge from 15$ to 100$ per hour, but there is no fixed rate every manager will charge based on their experience. Some Pinterest managers even offer their clients low-price packages to help them get started.

Pinterest marketing is not that hard to comprehend so, taking a course is not required, but it helps you build new strategies and learn new things.

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    1. As mentioned, you need to find clients on Pinterest. As soon as you find clients, create a marketing plan that promotes their brands to produce more sales and click-throughs, and when they see results, they will gladly pay you for your work.

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