9 Types Of Blogs

If you are planning to start a blog in 2023, you have a lot of competition because there are over 600 million blogs out in the world today. This leads us to the question, do blogs even make money?

The answer is yes and no; some bloggers do enough to support their families, while others haven’t even made 100$ in years; it all depends on the content, SEO, and most importantly, the blog niche.

So, are there certain types of blogs that make the most money?

Absolutely yes, some types of blogs make more money than others, and the reason is they choose their blog niche wisely; they focus more on what people are looking for instead of just blogging about their lives.

In this article, I will be sharing the list of the most profitable types of blogs with income reports in the hope of helping you choose a high-demand blog niche.

9 Types Of Blogs

Food Blog:

If you love to cook and bake, then stop wasting your precious time and start earning from doing what you love. If you don’t know about this, food blogs are trendy and have a high chance of making a full-time income by sharing secret recipes.

Here is one of the great successful food blogs:

pinch of yum home page

If you love food blogs, you probably heard about Pinch Of Yum, and if not, then here is a little introduction. Pinch of Yum is run by Lindsay, the creator, the voice, and the author of this blog.

She is one of the great examples of inspiration for people who wish to start a food blog because she was a fourth-grade teacher and started this all as a hobby that soon turned into a full-time business.

According to the latest income report from Pinch Of Yums, this blog has earned $95,197.34 in just one month (November 2016), which is crazy and proves that food bloggers can make a lot of money.

Other Successful Food Bloggers:

Food Related Niche Ideas:

  • Cake Blog.
  • Famous Recipes Experiment Blog.
  • Restaurant Food Made At Home Blog.
  • Diet Food Blog.

Travel Blog:

Travel vlogs are not everything; travel blogs have their own place in our hearts. These blogs are lifesavers. Imagine without travel blogs; we won’t know about all the cool areas of a country or a city (vlogs are not in much detail).

Now to see if travel blogs are the types of blogs that make money, we will look at an example:

local adventure front page

Local Adventure blog is quite popular in its niche. It has been named one of the top 5 travel blogs in the USA and the world. Local Adventure aims to focus on one city a year to get to know all the hidden secrets of a town, which a local would only know in most cases.

Local Adventure just started out as sharing some travel experiences but soon enough turned into a blogging career. The best part of the Local Adventure blog is that they shared some of their income report, which helps us know how much you can expect to earn with a travel blog.

According to the Local Adventure Income Report of September 2019, the blog earned 41,118$ in just one month, but after cutting expenses and taxes, the profit was 28,657.33$.

Other Successful Travel Blogs:

Travel Blogs Related Niche Ideas:

  • Historical Places Around The Cities Blog.
  • Budget Travelling Blog.
  • Top Restaurants Travel Blog.

Finance Blog:

Finance blogs are beneficial for people who struggle to manage their budgets, especially young adults who just finished their studies, moved out, and are trying to save some money.

These blogs are known as the type of blogs that make the most money.

Here is an example of a successful finance blog:

busy budgeter new start here page

Busy Budgeter is a well-known finance blog. This blog is run by Rosemarie, who has helped hundreds and thousands of people with their financial crises by organizing their financial systems.

Rosemarie worked as a State Trooper for almost a decade but quit her job and started a home daycare to spend time with her son (a loving mother). She found a strategy that helped her save money and then created a blog to help others.

According to the Busy Budgeter income report of January 2017, the blog has earned 86,438.00$, which is a lot (I hope I was good with budgets to start a budget blog, too, lol).

Other Top Finance Blogs:


Finance Blogs cover almost every topic, which helps you save money, so if you plan to start a finance blog, try to cover every issue that will help your audience stay on budget.

Lifestyle Blog:

The first choice of anyone who wishes to start a blog is a lifestyle. Honestly, lifestyle blogs are not easy to run because they cover various topics like food, finance tips, traveling tips, and much more, but that doesn’t mean lifestyle blogs are a waste of time.

Here is an inspiring example of a successful lifestyle blog:

abby lawson home page

Just a Girl and her blog is an inspiring lifestyle blog owned by Abby Lawson. She started this blog as a newbie back in January 2013, but this blog became a big success and turned into a family business after a while.

This blog covers topic organization, decorating, blogging, and happy thoughts, which I assume is about staying positive.

According to the income report shared by this blog back in December 2016, the blog earned 41,700$; the best part is the blog income at first was only 2000$ and something. This proves lifestyle blogs are the types of blogs that make money.

Other Great Lifestyle Blogs:


My sincere advice to anyone who wants to start a lifestyle blog is to cover 3 or 4 topics. That’s it. Don’t write about 8 or 9 topics because Google won’t rank you well. Google gives the top spots to bloggers who are experts in their fields, and no one can be an expert in 8 or 9 topics.

Marketing Blog:

Marketing blogs are the types that make the most money without a doubt, but they should be reliable. There is no doubt anyone who wants to start a marketing blog needs to have some field experience.

Here is an example of a famous marketing blog:

empire flippers homepage

Empire Flippers is where people sell and buy quality online businesses. It has helped people buy and sell over 200 million dollars worth of online business and earned the Inc 5000 award four years in a row.

You can easily tell the Empire Flippers team to know what they are doing. Justin Cooke is the founder, brand ambassador, and host of the podcast Empire Flippers. Empire Flippers also blog about guides, and case studies to help you with your online business.

I am not exactly sure, but I read somewhere the site earns 75,000$, but I think it makes even above 100,000$. Be sure to check out the website yourself.

Other Great Marketing Blogs:

Tip For Future Marketing Bloggers:

Just be sure this is something you want to blog about. Do as much research as you can before starting a marketing blog. Sure, marketing blogs can turn into a great business, but they are a bit challenging.

Mom/Motherhood Blog:

Are you a stay-at-home mum who wants to build a successful career but finds it hard to leave your kids? Don’t worry; mom blogs are here to rescue you. Keep in mind that there are two types of mom blogs. Some moms blog about parenting, while others blog about helping other people start a blog.

I will share both of them and their income reports.

But here’s an inspiring mom blog example number one:

start a mom blog about page

Suzi is a mother of two girls and one son. She started a personal blog back in 2011 before giving birth to her first daughter, but she got more serious about blogging after giving birth and started blogging about crafts, recipes, and motherhood.

After gaining great success from her blog, she decided to help other mom bloggers. She created this Start a Mom blog. She has helped over 87,000 moms to start their blogs.

According to the Start a Mom blog income report from August 2017, the blog has earned 39,888$ in just one month.

Another excellent example of a mom blog:

the realistic mama blog page

There is not enough information about this blog, but here is a little introduction. The Realistic Mama is a blog run by Alida. She is a mom of two kids who blogs about starting a blog and motherhood, and shares income reports.

According to the latest income report, this blog has made 20,000$ in one month by working as a part-time blogger.

Other Mom Blogs:

Mom Blogs Niche Related Ideas:

  • How To Make Kids Behave Blog.
  • How To Manage Time As A Mom Blog.
  • How To Take Care Of A Newborn Baby Blog.

Health And Fitness Blog:

Health and fitness blogs are a great way to generate passive income from home, and we will take a look at one of the most popular health and fitness blogs in its niche.

Example of an outstanding health and fitness blog:

nerd fitness blog post

If you search on Google “Health and Fitness Blogs,” you will find Nerd Fitness on the top because the Nerd Fitness team are experts in their field. Nerd Fitness was started back in 2009 by Steve Kamb. This blog was created as a simple blog with 1-2 articles per week.

He started this blog for nerds to be comfortable and chat about gaming, and comics and learn new things about health and fitness to live better lives. Today this blog has more than 300,000 subscribers and has helped over 50,000 customers.

I can not tell exactly how much the blog earns per month, but most of the income is sold online training courses.

Other Top Health And Fitness Blogs:

DIY/Craft Blog:

Yes, you can make a high income with a DIY/ craft blog and become debt-free. If you are a person who sits in the room and crafts a lot, why not share your talent with other people?

Here is an example of an inspiring DIY/Craft blog:

cut n make crafts designing SVGs

This fantastic pink blog called Cut N Make Craft, was launched by Jav. She is an SVG designer, blogger, podcaster, business coach, and research assistant (she has a lot going on).

Like every other student out there, Jav wished to study at Harvard, so; she started her first blog back in 2013 (Sew Some Stuff) to save some money. After struggling for a while, she finally figured things out and gained success with her blog.

According to an income report for three months (April, May, June) 2020 by Cut N Make Crafts, the blog has earned 21,000$, which is pretty good.

Other DIY/Craft Blogs:

DIY/Craft Niche Related Ideas:

  • Paper Crafts Only Blog.
  • Step-by-Step Knitting With Me Blog.
  • Beginner’s Easy Craft Blog.

Entrepreneur Blog:

These days almost everyone is trying to earn money online, which is why entrepreneur blogs exist. They help people to start a profitable business online.

Here is an example of a successful entrepreneur blog:

melyssa griffin blog november 2016 income report

I am just going to let you appreciate the graphics of her blog. Melyssa Griffin is well-known in her niche after only three years; she turned her hobby blog into a multi-million dollar company (honestly, in just three years, how inspiring is this).

There is a lot to learn about her, which I can’t type here; you should go ahead to her blog, read her story, and look at all the amazing posts she writes.

I already shared her income report screenshot directly from her blog, and it’s from November 2016. I could not find the latest one, but in December 2016, She earned 283,680$.

Other Top Entrepreneur Blogs:

How Do Blogs Make Money?

After learning about these nine types of blogs that make money, you probably think, how do bloggers even make money? Well, the answer is bloggers don’t earn money just by writing content. They use different methods at one time.

These are the most common ways bloggers use to earn:

Affiliate Programs: Most bloggers make hundreds of thousands of dollars just by putting affiliate links inside their posts. Affiliate programs pay around 7-30% commission to bloggers whenever anyone purchases through their affiliate links. The best part about affiliate programs is that there is no maximum traffic requirement any blogger can apply for, even those who just started a blog an hour ago. 

Ad Revenue: The second most common method bloggers use to increase their income is ad revenue. Unlike affiliate programs, before applying for advertising companies, bloggers need to have at least 1000 page views daily; also, the pay is less. Bloggers can expect to make 0.5 to 10$ per 1000 impressions. It all depends; there is no correct calculation.

Selling Course/Service/Digital Products: Almost every blogger tries to sell something online after getting a little traffic. Out of all the three, it is the most helpful because you control the product price range. The course is the most common because many bloggers keep their course price range high, starting somewhere from 99$ to 500$. Email subscribers are not a requirement but can be quite profitable.

What Are The 4 Common Types Of Blogs?

There are four types of common blogs:

  • Personal Blogs.
  • Niche Blogs.
  • Affiliate Blogs.
  • Business Blogs.

   Do Personal Blogs Make Money?

Before we get into the discussion, let’s learn what exactly a personal blog is? A personal blog is a blog where the author shares their life story, experiences, and opinions. A personal blog is like a story-telling blog (it sounds easy to compare to other niches, to be honest).

Usually, a personal blog is created as a hobby, not to earn money, but this doesn’t mean personal blogs can not generate passive income. There are many successful personal bloggers like Tech Savvy Mama, Love That Max, and many more.

Although there is no income report to show these blogs are famous in their niche, they probably earn a lot.

    What Are The Best Blogging Platforms To Make Money?

There are many platforms you can use to create a blog right away.

Here are some of the best blogging platforms to make money:

WordPress: WordPress is a free content management system that started back in 2003 to help you create a blog in just a few minutes.

Please learn the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org before creating a blog.

Blogger: Many of us know about this free blog-publishing service by Google. Blogger has been around for decades and has helped many of its users create outstanding blogs.

Jimdo: Compared to WordPress and Blogger, Jimdo is new. It was founded back in 2007. Jimdo is easy to use, and you don’t need any web designing experience to create a website.

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