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Lifestyle blogs are full of adventure and excitement. They have so much to discover, and running out of new lifestyle blog post ideas to write about is normal.

Most of the time, you could be planning to write a post, and in your head, it will look great, but it will end up looking like the worst thing you have ever written.

But on the plus side, since a lifestyle blog is a multi-niche blog, there are so many fun things to write about, for example, personal experience, travel, and more.

I will be sharing a list of blog post ideas and without any discussions, let’s hope into the post so you can start writing amazing posts on your blog.

Three Ongoing Lifestyle Blog Article Ideas

I will be sharing three ongoing lifestyle blog topics. I mean by this you can write multiple posts on the same topics with different stories. It will all become more clear to you as you read further.

Share Your Story:

People might think having a lifestyle blog is the easiest one, but if you ask, I believe it’s the hardest because you can’t stick to the map you made at the start of your blogging journey.

You will need to make changes often, and sometimes you won’t even find it interesting to put it out there for your audience. The best thing you can do to keep your blog alive at that time is to share a personal story that is funny, touching, and full of lessons.

At the end of your post, ask your viewers to share something relatable too. This way, your viewers will get to know you, and you will also get to know them.

Travel places:

The world is big. Full of places that most of us haven’t even seen but would love to know about them. Honestly, traveling blogs are splendid; most of the time, they mention unique places that we had no idea existed on this planet.

On top of that, they are always interesting. As a lifestyle blogger, you can write about it. Make your post-eye-catching; go to Google and search for a unique place in the country (you will write about) that only locals know.

It can be a museum, historical place, natural scenery, or even cheap places to buy souvenirs also, don’t forget to put images it will not look exciting without pictures. Don’t forget to add some fun facts about the area.

Blogging Tips:

As a lifestyle blogger, you have the opportunity to help new bloggers improve their blogs. Every time you learn or experience something, you can put it in words for your viewers.

Many new bloggers look for professional bloggers who share their blog stories and experiences with their audience whenever they can, and this can keep your blog going when you don’t know what to write or have your upcoming post in your draft list.

When sharing blogging tips with your audience, you don’t have to write a long post; it can be something concise (400 words) but an honest post with an engaging tone.

30 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas 2023

  1. Life with your pet: You can tell your viewers about your pet, and maybe you can help them raise theirs.
  2. Craft: If you are good at something crafty, share it with your audience with a few images.
  3. Cooking: If you can cook and share it with your viewers, you don’t have to have a food blog for it; do it for fun.
  4. Fancy Homemade Food: Make something fancy while staying on a budget.
  5. Cheap Budget Food: College students will love these posts
  6. Cultural Food: Are you a cultural person, then it is time to shine by sharing yummy recipes.
  7. Hobbies: Everyone has a hobby to share
  8. Games: Every time you play a game, you can give reviews about it to your audience. It can help them decide whether they should buy it or not.
  9. Product reviews: Try new products a lot? Give some honest reviews to your audience.
  10. Fun Facts: Sharing fun facts can be an interesting way to keep your blog going.
  11. Job experience: Sharing job experiences can help someone make a decision.
  12. Mental Health: Why not take part in helping others with their mental health.
  13. Shout Outs: Shoutout posts are great for every blogger, whether you are an experienced blogger or a new one.
  14. Writing Tips: Tell others the secret of your writing skills
  15. Parenting Skills: If you are a skilled parent, help new parents out with your outstanding skills.
  16. Collection: There must be something you have been collecting since childhood or teen years to show it to others.
  17. Giveaway: Do a mini giveaway. If you have any problem sending parcels to other countries, don’t worry, just do digital ones now.
  18. Baking: If you are done baking, leave your blog links because I would like to check them out.
  19. Patterns: Unique but worth a try to share your collections.
  20. Gardening: Show beautiful pictures of your new flowers.
  21. English Grammar: Help your foreign followers to improve their English.
  22. English Vocabulary: Teach a new word a week for fun.
  23. Landscape Photography: Bring your old camera in use.
  24. Bad Habits: Help others get rid of bad habits.
  25. Motivation Posts: Become a Motivator.
  26. Life Hacks: Legit hacks to make things easy.
  27. Email Marketing Posts: Help new marketers out.
  28. Pinterest: Share some secrets of Pinterest.
  29. Personal experience: About a product or just life in general.
  30. Fun Childhood Memory: Let’s bring some childhood memories to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I blog about as a lifestyle blogger?

Here is a list of lifestyle blog topics:

  • Food.
  • Travel.
  • Health & Fitness.
  • Hobbies.
  • Parenting Skills.
  • Personal Experience.
  • Product Reviews.
  • Finance.
  • DIY/Craft.

Q: How do you come up with a lifestyle blog name?

Here are a bunch of ideas you can use to come up with a good lifestyle blog name:

  • Use your name
  • Think of something that inspires you
  • Use a name generator
  • Choose a name that describes your blog

Q: How do you write a good lifestyle article?

Here are some tips for writing a high-quality lifestyle article:

  • Use first-person.
  • Give personal examples.
  • Try to add catchy phrases.
  • Make your audience curious.
  • Stay on topic.
  • Write posts in detail.

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