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How To Write On Medium

Medium has been around since 2012 to enhance the content discovery mechanisms for online articles and improve the experience of reading on the internet. Just as Medium’s mission is to provide a better interface for reading articles, it has also developed into a place where independent writers can publish and discover their work. And this […]

The Ultimate Guide On How To Write Your First Blog Post

Note: This post contains an affiliate link, which means I earn a little when you purchase using this link at no additional cost to you. The first question that pops up in beginner bloggers’ minds after they have just created their blog is, what should my first blog post be? The question seems easy enough, but […]

Eleven Tips On Formatting A Blog Post Correctly

Are you interested in writing a blog post that will blow your audience/viewer’s mind? Then you are in the right place. Writing a blog post is all fun and games until your blog status stays the same for months. There are many reasons why this could be happening but not formatting a blog post can […]

Step by Step Guide On How To Write A Great Blog Post

Ever heard a blogger saying I have been writing articles for years but haven’t made past 100 views or made a dime with my blog? Well, there are two main reasons why this could be happening to any blogger out there. Number one is not paying much attention to SEO (search engine optimization), even its […]

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