10 Best Pinterest Courses For Bloggers

10 Best Pinterest Courses For Bloggers (Free And Paid)

Note: This post contains affiliate links. When you purchase using these links, I will earn a little commission at no extra cost.

Pinterest is one of the most powerful platforms for bloggers. Many bloggers and entrepreneurs have found success using it, and because of its amazing results, it has become a popular platform for growing blogs, generating sales, and advertising brands.

Sounds like the perfect platform to promote your website, doesn’t it?

However, not everyone can succeed using Pinterest since it requires a lot more than pinning beautiful pins. It involves optimization and marketing skills, and developing these skills requires assistance.

And that is when Pinterest courses come to the rescue. Pinterest courses are designed by professional Pinterest marketers to help users get the best out of Pinterest.

In this article, I will share eight top Pinterest courses with their descriptions and prices to help you choose the right one.

Why You Should Take A Pinterest Course?

Your first question is probably why do I even need a Pinterest course. There are plenty of reasons, but to start with, Pinterest is a visual search engine which means in order to rank higher on it, you need to optimize your pins.

And getting started with search engine optimization requires professional assistance. It is not something you can figure out yourself or learn by reading some free articles (those articles are great and full of rich info but not enough compared to a course).

As for the second, if you say my pins are performing well, and I’m getting some clicks from here and there. I will still say take a Pinterest course. Why? Because don’t you want to see your pins ranking on the top, get more traffic to your blog, and boost affiliate sales?

If so, then choose a Pinterest course that best suits your needs and increases your site traffic and sales to add some extra cash in your pocket!

Step To Choose The Right Pinterest Course

Yes, there are several Pinterest courses, but not all of them are right for you because each course is different and designed for a specific type of audience. Before purchasing one, you need to consider numerous factors such as the topic coverage, the course level, etc. I will some of them describe in detail.

Topic Coverage:

Before even considering buying a course, you must check whether it covers the topic you wish to learn. Please don’t get fooled by the name of the course and assume it is the right one.

For example, a course named “Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest” does not necessarily mean it will teach you affiliate marketing strategies. Perhaps it is just about how to set up affiliate links on Pinterest and nothing more.

Take the time to read the course description.

Course Level:

The second thing you need to check is the course level. Because as I mentioned above, each course is designed for a specific audience, such as beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.

Beginners Level: The beginner level course is intended to cover all the basics a beginner should know. For example, it should explain what Pinterest SEO is, what Pinterest keywords are, how to find them, etc.

Intermediate Level: These courses cover a range of knowledge and skills between the basics and advanced. The topics in intermediate-level courses are sort of basic but more detailed.

Advanced Level: You should only think about purchasing an advanced-level Pinterest course when you understand 90% of the material. Otherwise, you may get lost between modules. These types of courses are created to help you develop strong marketing strategies.


You should always check the instructor’s background and experience before purchasing a course. Make sure your instructor has a successful record in the field they are promising you.

For instance, If an instructor claims that they will help you generate 10,000 website traffic monthly with Pinterest, but only gets 500 views from Pinterest himself, then you should not buy the course and find another option.

The instructor’s record can best be determined by checking the course reviews, followings, and Pinterest views.


Additionally, you can see if the course provides any bonus lessons, templates, or checklists. In my opinion, bonuses are not a must. There are a lot of great courses out there that do not provide any bounce, yet people see tremendous results with them.

But if it’s a package, then that’s great.


As the last and most obvious point, make sure the course price is within your budget. I will never recommend someone to purchase a $400 course to learn a few basics.

But if you’re still planning to buy a course that costs more than 200$, read as many reviews as possible and ensure that it’ll be worth it.

(I will mention a low-cost Pinterest course with amazing results on the list, so please be patient with me).

List Of Best Pinterest Courses For Bloggers

Note: For clarification, I purchased just one course on the list; the rest are top Pinterest courses designed to help marketers achieve their goals.

Pinterest Ninja:

Pinterest Ninja is one of the most recommended Pinterest courses on the web. The course is created by Megan, who turned her blog into a full-time family business with the help of Pinterest. Now, Megan is a Pinterest marketing expert and has helped over 1000’s individuals boost their blog traffic.

This course is designed to help you walk through everything step-by-step. The best thing about this course is that not just a Pdf course. In fact, Megan created a video for each step so you don’t fall behind.

Course Curriculum:

Setting up a Pinterest business account
Claiming website and enabling rich-pins
Keyword, SEO, and account optimization
Pin creation and Pin conversion
Understanding the Pinterest algorithm and analytics

Course Bonus Section:

  • How to make money with Affiliate Marketing
  • How to grow an email list with Pinterest

Everything thought in the course is monthly updated to keep up with the changes

Pricing: 150$

Click Here to enroll in Pinterest Ninja!

Slaying Pinterest 101:

Slaying Pinterest 101 is a course created by a successful travel blogger Lia Gracia. This course is all in one bundle because not only it teaches you how to get traffic with Pinterest, but it also includes homework sheets to help you implement the strategies you’ll learn.

Once you purchase the course, it will be yours to keep forever. And if somehow you bought the course and applied all the strategies to your Pinterest account but still aren’t happy with the course, the owner will be happy to refund your money within 30 days.

Course Curriculum:

  • Introduction
  • Steps to set up your Pinterest account
  • Pinterest profile makeover
  • All about the Pinterest boards
  • How to reach, engagement and traffic on Pinterest
  • Sharing your content on Pinterest
  • How to launch your content on Pinterest
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly Pinterest to-do list
  • Certificate for completing the course

Pricing: the course is currently closed for enrollment, but you can always check later

Click Here to enroll in Pinterest Slaying 101

Pinterest Primer:

If you have been on Pinterest for a while now, you probably heard of a famous blog named mommakescents.com. It is a popular blog created by McKinzie. McKinzie has helped thousands of bloggers and online business owners increase their revenue and traffic with Pinterest.

It is a five-day email course with a bonus on the sixth day. What makes this course different? Well, it’s free and has positive feedbacks.

What You Will Learn Inside The Course:

  • Day one: You will learn how to optimize your Pinterest account perfectly
  • Day two: McKinzie will share her secret Pinterest strategies to create viral pins
  • Day three: You will learn how to be present on Pinterest the whole day by only working an hour per week
  • Day four: You will be thought about things you don’t need to pay attention to on Pinterest
  • Day five: Will be all about the big mistake bloggers make on Pinterest

Bonus Section:

It’s a secret you will get it on the sixth day of the course

Pricing: Completely Free

Click Here to get your free course

Pining To Success:

Pining to success is a free Pinterest course. It was created by Christine, the owner of the blog Christine Keys and Raising Kids Making Money. She created this course to help newbie bloggers and new Pinterest users boost blog traffic and become successful.

Not to mention it is an email course which means you don’t need to open any extra tabs!

Course Modules:

  • You will learn about Pin templates
  • How to design and choose the right font
  • Design programs for creating pins
  • How to and why join Pinterest boards

Pricing: Free

Get your free course here

Pinterest With Ell:

Pinterest With Ell is my favorite course. It is created by Ellduclos, the owner of the famous blog BossGirlBloggers. I took this course in October, and within a few weeks, I started to see my pins ranking higher on Pinterest than usual.

What I love about this course is everything inside taught in this course is basic but pretty effective. The Pinterest marketing strategies Ell teaches inside the course will change your Pinterest game for sure.

Not to mention it is the most affordable one!

Course Modules:

  • Setting Up Your Blog For Pinterest
  • Optimizing Your Pinterest For SEO
  • Creating Pins That Converts
  • Understanding Pinterest Analytics
  • Pinterest Strategies
  • Scheduling Pins
  • How To Use Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest
  • Email Marketing/Sales Using Pinterest

Pricing: All of these great lessons for only 39$

Click Here To Enroll In Pinterest With Ell

Pinterest With Emily:

Pinterest With Emily is a free email course created by Emily, the founder of easyblogemily.com. Her course is aimed to help beginners Pinterest users to become experts with just a few lessons.

I took this course last year but couldn’t complete it, but you should give it a try since it’s free!

What You Will Learn Inside The Course:

  • How to make an amazing profile
  • All about group boards
  • How to prepare your blog for Pinterest
  • How to schedule Pins and monetize your account

Pricing: Free email course

Join Easy Pinterest With Emily

Pinterest Academy:

Have you ever heard of Pinterest Academy? If no then well, Pinterest Academy is a free self-service learning platform for advertisers, brands, agency and content creators to learn more about Pinterest.

Its activities are short and easy to comprehend and to get started with this e-learning platform, you just need to connect your Pinterest business account to it, and you are good to go.

It is officially created by Pinterest, so don’t miss out on the opportunity!

Pinterest Academy Courses As A Creator:

  • The basics
  • Setting up a Pinterest profile
  • Understanding how Pinterest works
  • Pinning Strategies

Remember your course modules will depend on the type of option you choose.

Pricing: Free

Join Pinterest Academy Today

Pinterest Strategies:

Pinterest Strategies is a popular manual pining course started by Carly Campbell. She has experience in pinning for 5.5 years and has experimented with various methods to see what strategy works or not.

After cracking the code and finding the right marketing strategy, she created this amazing course that helped thousands of pinners succeed. If you don’t want to pay for tools like Boardbuster or Tailwind, then you should give this course a shot.

Also, this is not a beginners course but does give a little introduction to Pinterest.

Course Curriculum:

  • Getting started with the platform and setting up your account
  • What kind of niches works for Pinterest
  • How the Pinterest algorithm works
  • SEO for Pinterest
  • How to create pins the converts into clicks
  • Important FAQ’s

Bonus Section:

  • 15 Free pin templates
  • Bonus video on long clicks

Pricing: 57$ only

Enroll in Pinterest Strategies

2023 Pinterest Strategy Guide:

This is the course I took a few days ago, and the information inside this course blew me away. 2022 Pinterest Strategy Guide was created by Amy LeBlanc, a Pinterest virtual assistant and the founder of the site leveeroadstudio.com.

Inside this course, Amy teaches all the advanced strategies you need to apply to your Pinterest account in 2022 to boost rankings. I have taken a paid course, but honestly, the strategies she teaches aren’t something you can find for free.

Course Modules:

  • 2-sec introduction
  • The death of hashtags
  • Explanation of re-pins
  • Strategy for fresh pins
  • How many pins do you need to publish per day
  • How to pin third party pins (the right way)
  • How to get rid of low impressions
  • The code behind re-pin
  • What classifies a re-pin
  • The current state of Pinterest

Pricing: All of this for free

Try 2023 Pinterest Strategies Course For Free

Also, Amy LeBlanc has another amazing course you should consider taking Pinterest Rank Boost 2.0.

Few Words Of Thoughts

So, It is time to wind up the post. I shared the eight best Pinterest courses paid and free in this article with their modules and prices. These courses are great and have a list of positive reviews from individuals who bought and implemented the strategies thought inside the course.

I need to add that when you purchase a course, follow the instructions your instructor told you to because if you don’t, you might end up being disappointed. Also, if you don’t want to enroll in any course, read this article, “Pinterest For Bloggers: How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic” In this post, I cover most of the information these courses teach you.

If you have any questions, or suggestions leave a comment! I’d love to hear from you guys!

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Frequently Asked Question

Q: What Is The Best Pinterest Course?

Five are the best Pinterest online courses according to reviews:

  • Pinterest Strategies
  • Pinterest With Ell
  • Pinterest Ninja
  • 2022 Pinterest Strategy Guide
  • Pinterest Rank Boost 2.0

Q: Is Pinterest Academy Free?

Pinterest Academy is a free self-service learning platform offered by Pinterest to educate agencies, content creators, brands, and advertisers to understand Pinterest marketing well.

Q: How Long Does Pinterest Academy Take?

Pinterest Academy activities are short and easy to comprehend. Each training can be completed in five minutes. Since it is a self-service program, you can learn through the activities at your own pace and time.

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