26 Best Lifestyle Blogs You Should Follow in 2023

Lifestyle blogs are one of the top blogs in the blogging industry. A lifestyle blog has been the first choice of many bloggers when they plan to start a blog, but the niche is highly competitive based on its popularity.

Apart from being a popular niche, lifestyle blogs are fun to read; they have many to explore.

Let’s start this post by defining a lifestyle blog for all those fellows who don’t know what it is.

Short Definition Of Lifestyle Blog

What exactly is a lifestyle blog? In a nutshell, a lifestyle blog is a blog that covers various topics such as cooking, crafting, hacks, traveling, and much more. Basically, a lifestyle blog is based on the interests and the activities of the author.

Here is a shortlist of topics a lifestyle blog covers:

  • Food
  • Traveling
  • Crafting
  • Decoration
  • Advice
  • Product Reviews
  • Health and Fitness
  • Finance
  • Personal Development

and others.

Still here, awesome now; let’s look at the list of best lifestyle blogs that will inspire and change the way you look at blogs.

Let’s hop into the post.

26 Best Lifestyle Blogs 2022

1. A Cup Of Jo:


A Cup Of Jo is a top lifestyle blog. This blog covers various topics food, travel, motherhood, and more.

Joanna Goddard, the mother of two, is the founder of this blog. She started this blog back in 2007. The beginning of Cup Of Jo was just a weekend hobby blog, but the blog started to grow and became a full-time job after a few years.

A Cup Of Jo is known in the blogging industry for its outstanding and content. This blog also has contributors like Caroline Donofrio, Maureen Hefferan, Kimberlee Rhodes, Christine Han, and Jenny Rosenstarch.

2. The Anna Edit:


The Anna Edit is a UK-based lifestyle blog launched back in 2010. Anna Newton, an award-winning online content creator, is the founder of this blog. By this, you can quickly tell she is an expert in her field.

Her blog is ranked as the 5th biggest lifestyle blog in the world on Bloglovin. The blog covers many topics like lifestyle, travel, beauty, and others.

3. A Beautiful Mess:

A Beautiful Mess Logo

A Beautiful Mess is such a fantastic blog; there is so much to discover about it. A Beautiful Mess is a blog founded by two sisters Ellie Larson and Emma Chapman.

This blog aims to target an audience who wants to stay home and be creative. You can find twelve-year recipes, home decoration tutorials, craft, and easy-to-make recipes on this blog.

This blog works with other contributors, too, and hosts a weekly podcast for its readers.

4. Wit & Delight:

Wit & Delight Logo

Wit & Delight is an amazing lifestyle blog with a simple yet stylish theme. Kate Arends, a self-taught writer, is a creator and the founder of this blog.

Wit & Delight’s blog covers many topics such as health and wellness, parenthood, travel, food, decoration, and many more. This blog is quite popular in its niche, with 2.9 million followers on Pinterest, 344K on Instagram, and 14k on Facebook.

5. Helen In Between:

Helen In Between Logo

Helen in between is an inspirational travel and lifestyle blog. There is not much information to share about this blog, but there is so much to check.

Helen, the founder, started this blog just for fun, and then it became a part of her life. On this blog, you can find tips and tricks for trips, manage social media, run a successful blog, and other lifestyle tips to help you live better.

6. Dawn And Hope:


Dawn and hope is a blog run by Nishtha. She is a mother of two teenagers and also a teacher. She started this blog just by sharing stories of success, struggles, and, generally, life.

Dawn and hope is a blog where readers can learn about self-care, education, parenting, travel, and others.

7. Middle Aged Mama:

Middle Aged Mama Logo

Middle Aged Mama, created by Janet Camilleri, is a blog to remind all those middle-aged mums that fun is not over when you reach this age. This blog was started back in November 2012 as “Redland City Living” but was later rebranded as a Middle-Aged Mama.

The blog covers topics like home and garden, health and well-being, travel, and others. This blog also has a personal side where Janet Camilleri shares her personal life experiences.

8. Julie Blanner:

Julie Blanner Logo

If you love reading lifestyle blogs, then you probably heard about this successful blog Julie Blanner. Julie Blanner is a lifestyle blog that inspires its readers to be creative by sharing easy recipes, home design, and entertaining.

This blog was started back in 2008 and, over the past years, has been recognized as Better Homes and Gardens’ best entertaining website and Southern’s Living’s best blog to follow.

9. Just A Girl And Her Blog:

Just A Girl And Her Blog Logo

Abby Lawson, the founder of Just a girl and her blog, has so much to share on her blog. This blog was started back in January 2013 and soon enough became a full-time family business.

This blog covers different categories such as organization, decorating, blogging, and happy thoughts.

10. Holly’s Bird Nest:

Holly's Bird Nest Logo

This classic theme blog is run by Holly Bird, a certified life coach and mentor. Holly Bird is also known as the best-selling author who has written interesting books.

This personal lifestyle blog has many topics to offer, such as lifestyle, travel, health, and local news.

11. Cupcakes & Cashmere:

Cupcakes & Cashmere logo

How can we ignore Cupcakes & Cashmere when talking about the best lifestyle blogs to follow? The name is quite interesting anyway. Emily Schuman is the creator of Cupcakes & Cashmere. Emily started this blog back in March 2008, which today turned into a career.

You can find many categories such as food, travel, decoration, DIY, motherhood, and other engaging topics on her blog.

12. Where’s Mollie?

Kay Buell Logo

I think by the name, you can easily tell Where’s Mollie is for adventure lovers. Mollie, an inspiring 26-year-old, launched this blog back in 2015 to share her travel experiences.

Her blog aims to inspire people to go out and have fun in the great outdoors. Where’s Mollie works with various brands and also has a team of talented members.

13. Kay Buell:

The last time I visited this blog, the theme was different; the blog has been updated, and the new look is impressive. Kay Buell is the owner of this blog and has been in the field for nine years now.

On this blog, you can find many topics such as finance, career but the blog focuses on motherhood and helping other bloggers reach their goals.
(The former name of this blog was Gen Y Girl).

14. Adventure Mummy:

Adventure Mummy Logo

If you are a mum who loves to have an adventure, I think this blog is for you. Carly Morson, the mother of two kids, is the owner and founder of this blog.

Adventure Mummy is where Carly Morson shares her life experience as a mum and her desire for traveling and having adventures. This blog aims to remind all moms that they can still do a lot in life while having children.

15. Beauty Cooks Kisses:

By the name, you might think Beauty Cooks Kisses is a food blog; well, it’s not. It is a lifestyle blog with so much to explore. The blog was started back in 2010 as Nuts 4 Stuff but later rebranded as Beauty Cooks Kisses.

The blog has an extensive list of topics like DIY, organizing, giveaways, healthy living, advice, time-saving, and more. Mary is the founder of this blog.

16. Qunitessence:

Quintessence Logo

This classic theme blog is run by Stacy Bewkes, an expert art director in New York City. Her love of design motivated her to start this lifestyle blog, and soon enough, Quintessence became a trusted source for well-researched, original content in the online world.

On Quintessence, a viewer can find topics like interior design, food, travel, books, and more.

17. That Humble Post:

That Humble Post Logo

UmmlKhair is the creator of this blog, That Humble Post.

The blog is where she shares her travel experiences with the audience. If you are a travel lover, then give this blog a shot.



MARIE MCGEE is a blog full of life, beauty, and great tips. Frances Marie, the owner and founder of this blog, created MARIE MCGEE in 2018 launched it months later.

Her interest in empowering women and helping them live a better lifestyle led her to create this blog.

19. Aureolls Labs:

Aureolls Labs logo

Aureolls Labs is a lifestyle blog created by young entrepreneurs focusing on business, health and lifestyle, life and philosophy, science and technology, and finance.

The unique name Aureolls Labs is inspired by the word aurora, meaning northern lights.

20. Of Life & Lisa:

Of life & lisa logo

Off Life & Lisa is another blog you should follow. Lisa, the founder of Off Life & Lisa, created this blog because of her love for writing and passion for making other’s life easier.

The blog has many topics to discover, such as home decoration, organizing, lifestyle, money, DIY, health, motivation, etc.

21. My Life Well Loved:


The colors of this blog are calming, just like the name. My Life Well Loved is a blog launched by Heather Brown, a mother of two boys. The blog has many topics to check out, like family, health, lifestyle, meal planning, etc.

The blog focuses on inspiring mum to live a life well-lived.

22. Chaylor & Mads:

Chaylor & Mads Logo

Kristen, a mom of three, is the owner of Chaylor & Mads. The blog is named after her three kids. On this blog, you can find topics like lifestyle, home, and anything that helps a mom and a teacher live an easier life.

Chaylor & Mads is more than just a lifestyle blog; it has helped many people out with donations.



SVADORE, a lifestyle and travel blog, has so many exciting topics for its readers. The blog was started in 2016 when Sveva, the blog owner, decided to share her travel journey and experiences.

The blog’s main topic is travel, but you can find other topics too.

24. Esther Adeniyi:

Esther Adeniyi Logo

The blog Esther Adeniyi was launched back in March 2013. Esther, the founder of this blog, created her blog out of the desire to connect with people worldwide and help bloggers on their blogging journey.

The main topic of this blog is the blogging category, but you can find posts on personal development and general lifestyle.

25. Simply Living NC:


Erin S. of Simply Living NC created this blog after a drastic lifestyle change. On this blog, Erin has written posts about many things such as houseplants, crafts, gardening, DIY projects, and others.

(There is a whole great story behind creating this blog which you should check out).

26. Casey La Vie:

Casey La Vie Logo

Casey La Vie is a blog created to help women take an incredible vacation, learn to balance between work and life, and creative tips to help them live an easier life.

The owner of this blog got her writing experience from working as a writer for other online publications since college.

I hope you enjoyed the list of best lifestyle blogs.

A Piece Of Advice For Anyone Who Wishes To Start A Lifestyle Blog

First, if you plan to start a lifestyle blog, maybe these two blog posts can help you kick start What Is A Lifestyle Blog? How To Start A Lifestyle Blog In 2022 and 30 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas In 2022 You Need To Use.

Second, if you want to start a lifestyle blog, make sure you only focus on two or three topics the most. Adding too many topics can be a challenge and cause trouble for you to rank on Google.

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