140+Tumblr Blog Names

140+Tumblr Blog Names

Choosing the right name for your Tumblr blog is the first crucial step towards creating a unique online presence. 

Whether you’re planning to share personal stories, artwork, fandom theories, or anything in between, your blog’s name sets the tone for your content and can attract like-minded followers.  

In this article, I’ve compiled a list of over 140 Tumblr blog name ideas to spark your inspiration. From funny to personal, there’s something here for every aesthetic and niche. 

140+Tumblr Blog Name Ideas

Funny Tumblr Blog Names:

  • Crazy Cupcake
  • Marshmallow Mind
  • Dino Diaries
  • Bubble Bee
  • Squid Squad
  • Muffin Manor
  • Penguin Parade
  • Cuddly Cactus
  • Butterfly Blast
  • Daring Dragonfly
  • Wacky Stories
  • Perplexed Penguin
  • Dolphin Doodles
  • Jolly Jellyfish
  • Snazzy Guy
  • Fuzzy Fairy
  • Turtle Tales
  • Stellar Squirrel
  • Vampire Van
  • Banshee Bubbles
  • Playful Pixie 
  • Willow Wonders
  • Mermaid Mirth
  • Frisky Frog
  • Spirited Sprite

Sad Tumblr Blog Names:

  • Weeping Rose
  • Rainy Dusk
  • Silent Heart
  • Bleeding Ink Tales
  • Gloom And Glow
  • Vanished Hopes
  • Shattered Mirrors Blog
  • Gloomy Sunday Stories
  • Cries Of The Wind
  • Trapped Thoughts
  • Broken Wings Journal
  • Silent Screams Diary
  • Veil Of Tears
  • Haunted By Shadows
  • Raindrops And Regrets
  • Fading Shadows Blog
  • Sorrows And Stars
  • Shivering Sighs
  • Tales Of Sorrow
  • Sinking Shadows
  • Ghost Of Me Blog
  • Bittersweet Moments
  • Fallen Feelings
  • Muted Echoes

Amazing Tumblr Blog Names:

  • Pixel Dreams
  • Mystic Mornings
  • Retro Strolls
  • Glitter Gossip
  • Velvet Voyages
  • Vintage Letters
  • Candid Canvas
  • Floral Girl
  • Hazy Tones
  • Sunset Stories
  • Stunning Sketches
  • Midnight Funs
  • Golden Hour Stories
  • Delightful Evenings
  • Wildflower Adventures
  • Doodle Dreamland
  • Cotton Candies
  • Twinkling Lights
  • Stardust Stories

Good Tumblr Blog Names:

  • Coffee Craze Blog
  • Pink Poetry
  • Sunlit Ride
  • Poetic Me
  • Autumn Corner
  • Nostalgic Nights
  • Sunkissed Sketches
  • Moony Moods
  • Peaceful Blogger
  • Bubbly Princess
  • Dazzling Dreams
  • Hazy Hearts
  • Amber Afternoons

Aesthetic Tumblr Blog Names:

  • Rose Gold
  • Dream Hunter
  • Sunflower Soul
  • Tumblr Queen Blog
  • Cloudy Canvas
  • Galaxy Lovers
  • Faded Rainbow
  • Garden Fairy
  • Crystal Cottage
  • Frosted Cupcake
  • Yellow Yarn Blog
  • Knitters Club
  • Vintage Soul
  • Soft Vibes
  • Peachy Beach
  • Marble Moon

Personal Tumblr Blog Names:

  • Sunny Side Life
  • The Imperfect Diary
  • Coffee Pasionista
  • Simply Styled Life
  • The Creators Blog
  • Garden Of Thoughts
  • The Curious Pixie
  • Reflect & Revel
  • Beneath The Star
  • Cherish Cherry Blog
  • Urban Jungle Explorer
  • Dusty Soul

Girly Tumblr Blog Names:

  • Pink Crown Queen
  • Glimmer Gal
  • She’s Dat Gal
  • Crystal Pages Blog
  • Pink Ink Words
  • Candy Curls
  • Cherry Red Girl
  • Prickliest Flower
  • Pink Petals
  • Girly Girls Blog
  • Sweet Strawberry
  • Sugary Snowflakes
  • Rainbow Ribbons
  • Polka Dot Blog

Cute Tumblr Blog Names:

  • Fuzzy Wuzzy
  • Cuddling Cupcake
  • Pink Bubblegum
  • Kisses & Kiwis
  • Melted Popsicle
  • Tea Time Stories
  • Sticky Caramel
  • Raspberry Rain
  • Butter Bee

One Word Tumblr Blog Names:

  • Starlit
  • Dreamology
  • Moonbeam
  • Sparklist
  • Bloomify
  • Thoughtscape
  • Trickology
  • Wanderlust
  • Harmonist
  • Unfold
  • Reclaim

Tumblr Name Generator

SpinX is the top choice for finding the best Tumblr blog name. It’s super simple to use; just type in a few keywords describing your hobbies and interests, and SpinX will do its part. 

In just a few moments, it will give you a list of creative and catchy names. This tool is fantastic because it saves you time and stress, letting you get back to focusing on creating great content for your Tumblr instead of getting stuck on the naming part. 


Each of these names brings up a unique theme and feel, suitable for various types of content ranging from art, photography, poetry, personal musings, and more. Remember, the essence of a good blog name not only captures the imagination but also hints at the content and purpose of the blog itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you change your Tumblr blog name?

Yes, you can change your Tumblr blog name. Simply go to your blog’s settings and click Edit Appearance to change the title. To change the blog’s URL, click the pencil icon next to the URL under the Username section.

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