10 Best Reasons Why People Blog

The 10 Best Reasons Why People Blog

Ever wonder why do people start a blog? Like, what is so fascinating about starting a blog? Well, to be honest, there is no correct answer to this question because people blog for a variety of reasons.

Some individuals blog to market their products or services and share expertise with the world, while others blog as a hobby. And there is nothing wrong with any of these reasons because blogging is pretty powerful and can be used for many reasons.

In this article, we will discuss ten reasons why people blog in order to help you learn what types of blogs are available.

The 10 Best Reasons Why People Blog

Bloggers Who Blog About Their Passion:

The famous reason people launch a blog is to share their passion with the world. These types of bloggers seek to connect with like-minded people and make a strong connection with them so they can jump up to their blog and discuss topics without being judged.

And these bloggers have a lot of experience, knowledge, and information to share on particular topics. This can be very beneficial for readers searching for specific information or those who wish to learn more about a particular topic.

Moreover, a blog about something you’re passionate about is more likely to be maintained.

Bloggers Who Blog To Share Experties:

You ever Googled something and landed upon a blog page that contains so much rich information about a topic that it just amazes you? Yup, those blogs are run by professionals in the field.

These bloggers often offer their readers unique, informative case studies and research that can’t be found anywhere else on the web. In fact, many bloggers link back to their sites to share evidence or prove points.

These types of blogs are pretty beneficial for the readers.

Bloggers Who Blog To Share Experience:

Many bloggers use their blogs as a platform to share personal experiences with the world. These bloggers love to share their stories, life events and can give full insights and details about them.

The audience of these blogs can connect and communicate with the blog owner on a more personal level through forums or comment sections.

Additionally, these types of blogs can help viewers learn a lot.

Bloggers Who Blog As A Hobby:

Many people create their blog as a hobby, and these bloggers are different from other bloggers. These bloggers don’t pay much attention to their blog stats, following, or money-making opportunities; their whole purpose is to share their daily routines and activities with others.

They enjoy writing what they did all day and turning it into a blog post to share with family, friends, and loyal audiences.

In addition, some hobby bloggers might use their blog as a platform to share their creative side, such as recipes, gardening, crafts, etc.

Bloggers Who Blog To Express Themseleves:

Many bloggers use their blogs as an outlet for their creativity and self-expression. They want to freely share experiences, views, and opinions without being judged.

They have a story to tell or something to get off their chest most of the time. Whether it’s what they ate for lunch or being in a store where a man was hit in the head with a can of soup as they shopped.

Basically, it can be anything funny, sad, or even an activity.

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Bloggers Who Blog To Become An Author:

Some bloggers launch their blogs to become well-known authors in the industry. They want to take their passion to the next level and make something out of it.

Their blog serves as a showcase for their writing skills, which they can later use to write a book or articles for magazines, newspapers, and other forms of print media.

This doesn’t mean that all bloggers eventually become authors, but it is one of the many reasons that writing, blogging, or tweeting appeals to them.

Bloggers Who Blog To Solve Problems:

Have you ever read a blog where the author seems to be speaking directly to you about your problem? Well, those are problem-solving blogs. These blogs are created to provide help and useful advice to their readers.

These can be technical, personal, or professional problems. Maintaining a problem-solving blog can be challenging since it requires some research and time to prove solutions to viewers.

Also, the readers might ask tough questions in the comment sections.

Bloggers Who Blog To Build Brands:

Many bloggers launch their blogs to build successful brands. They know the benefits of business blogging, such as it is the best way to market products, build personal relationships with customers, build the brand’s authority, etc.

Basically, they start a blog to take their business to the next level and beat their competition.

These types of blogs are wholly focused on given product descriptions, benefits, and reviews.

Bloggers Who Blog To Connect With Like Minded People:

If you ever planned on starting a blog to connect with like-minded people who has the same passion as you, then you are not alone. In fact, many bloggers are only interested in building communities.

It’s more like a discussion forum where members comment and give their opinions about topics. The great benefit of these blogs is that they can easily build a list of subscribers.

Also, If you decide to create a brand, this community may also serve as a potential target audience.

Bloggers Who Blog To Make Money:

Have you ever dreamt of making money without leaving your home? Well, if you did, then blogging is the answer. Many bloggers launch their blog in the first place to make a living out of it.

And it is easy to get started with all you need a few things like mindset, name, blogging platform, blog niche, theme, blog post, and the right content marketing strategy to promote.

Once you complete this checklist, you will see some money rolling in your bank account. You can read this post, “How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners,” to get some help as a beginner.


Now it is time for the end of the post. I hope now you have a clearer understanding of why people blog and what makes blogging so great. As you can see, there are various reasons to start blogging right now besides just making money.

Just make sure whatever your reason is, you stick with it and enjoy it, and If you have any questions, leave a comment below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Should I Blog About To Make Money?

With the right blog idea, you can make $500 – $10,000 a month writing about your passion. The exposure you’ll get from a blog should be sufficient to help you generate some income from advertisers. They’ll pay for their products or services to be featured on your website, and if people like it, it’ll help you start making money.

Q: What To Blog About In 2021?

Well, the following are the most popular blog topics:

  • Food
  • Travel
  • Finance
  • Parenting
  • Marketing
  • Blogging

Read this post for more “9 Types Of Blogs That Make Money (With Examples).”

Q: What Is A Blog Usually About?

A blog is a website, often run by an individual, containing personal commentary and links of that person’s interest. Content management systems (a.k.a) blogging platforms typically power blogs.

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